How To Avoid Weighbridge Breakdowns

The efficient and accurate use of weighbridges plays an integral part in many industrial operations. Its key value lies inits ability to provide precise measurements, which is easily compromised through neglect or breakdowns. Although a weighbridge is externally strong and robust, the nature of its operations makes it vulnerable to wear and tear which can lead to breakdowns –a counterproductive and costly setback for most businesses. To avoid this, weighbridges should be well-maintained and regularly serviced. Below are some guidelines to assist you in taking care of your weighbridge.

Keep it clean and dry
Weighbridges are constantly exposed to elements like dirt, wind and water that can hinder its weighing performance and cause severe damage like rust and flooding over time. It is crucial to keep weighbridges clean and clear of rubble and to repair any minor damages. Regularly check that there is no water in the pit and that the drainage is working properly. Also check the approaches for oil, fuel and other debris that may have spilled. Cleaning should be done daily and ideally before any operations start.

Use a stable power source
Despite its tough exterior, weighbridges are sensitive instruments that have to work with great precision. For optimal results a weighbridge should be powered by a source that supplies reliable and uninterrupted power. Try to avoid sharing a power line with machinery that have starting motors or that can affect the stability of the current. Also, always keep in mind that electric operations on a weighbridge, such as welding, will transfer currents which influence the electronic circuits and are likely to cause severe damage to the load cells. It is best to consult an expert if any such operations are required.

Coordinate and communicate with drivers
The impact of heavy vehicles driving on weighbridges is a major contributor to damage. Harsh braking and excessive speed on the weighbridge can cause significant harm to the load shells and mounts. This can be avoided by displaying signs, with instructions such as the speed limit, close to the weighbridge and by adding speed humps to the entry way. Users should be made aware of all operating procedures and their responsibility to avoid actions that may cause damage.

Schedule regular weighbridge inspections and services 
Changing weather conditions, and regular movement and weight on weighbridges may all cause damages, which isn’t always easy to detect. Planned weighbridge servicing by professionals plays a vital role in avoiding unnecessary breakdowns caused by these factors. Weighbridge technicians are trained to identify potential problems. Through regular inspection they will be able identify and repair any minor issues that may lead to serious failures — if left unattended. They will also be able to assist in upgrades and proper product calibrations to ensure that a weighbridge is fully functional and accurate.

These guidelines can be very effective in avoiding weighbridge breakdowns, especially when a business uses well-manufactured, quality weighbridge equipment. With over 150 years of industry practice, UltraHawke is Australia’s largest supplier of in motion weighbridges, truck scales, weighbridge software and related products. Contact them today for weighbridge sales or more information on any of their products and solutions.