Brazil vs Argentina

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By Kirk Gomes

Brazil and Argentina will face off in a packed MCG crowd and many people will be excited to see the best talent around the world coming together to play in Australia. One of the downsides to the match is that superstar Neymar from Brazil isn’t playing. But the manager from Argentina, Jorge Sampaoli will be starting his very first match. Sampaoli has previously worked wonders at chile, winning the Copa America 2 times in a row.


Argentina and Brazil will promise to be a good match. One of the things i will look out for is defence. I think Brazil’s defence is just a little bit better than Argentina’s because it has players like Marcelo and that could prove vital in a game like this. It will be interesting to see if the young Ederson can keep Messi out if he starts.


I think that Argentina’s midfield will outclass brazil’s because of these reasons: Mascarano can be the engine for Argentina and if Jorge Sampaoli can use him correctly then he can be deadly and play killer balls to Messi. If Argentina can keep possession and really wind the Brazilian attackers up then the front 3 (if Jorge Sampaoli decides to play a front 3) can open up the Brazilian defence and can play vital balls to win the match if they want to.


if the teams want to win the match then anyone knows they have to score lots of goals and i think the Argentina attack is perfect for that. Its because Sampoali can really think and knows how to penetrate the defence of brazil and can play Messi up top because thats where Messi used to play and everyone knows he is deadly from that position.


I think that for the match to be good and both the teams to have a shot at winning then Brazil will have to swarm Messi, keep the goalie tested and dominate the midfield. If Argentina want to win then they have to feed the lion which is Messi because if the lion is not fed like at most times, then he will get annoyed and not have any chances to get at the goalie. They also need to back up the defence by playing counter attacking football because Brazil doesn’t have the strongest defence in the world and they can be exposed to some Lionel Messi magic. and last but not least, the need to swarm Coutiniho, Firmino and Willian because with them Brazil can work some magic just like they did when they were dominant in the 3–0 win over Argentina in February. but that time, they had Neymar and now they don’t. so my prediction for this amazing match to pan out is 3–1 to Argentina because i just feel Jorge Sampaoli will do whatever he can in his power to get that vital win to show the world why he is the perfect fit for Argentina. also don’t forget that the benches will be vital.