Myth or Matter of Fact

I have been around the Hair and Beauty industry for approximately 55 years now, and I have taught for a very long time, I have continued to learn and absorb new ideas, techniques, products and ingredients.

But, I have recently come across a number of new learning facilities that are not only teaching odd chemistry when it comes to what shampoo is supposed to do, but they have it completely wrong.

So far as I know, and have known since the first day of my apprenticeship, this particular science hasn’t and can’t change. It is a fact.

When you wet your hair and pour or rub shampoo into it, the water and the shampoo are chemically designed to open the hair shaft to allow the cleanser to grab all of the dirt, product and oil to be removed. That’s what they are meant to do, that’s all they are meant to do, don’t expect it to do anything else, scientifically speaking.

Hair shaft that is damages from colour and incorrect shampoo and conditioner regime.

You can add essential oils to the shampoo to help to repair some damage, or to work its magic on your scalp while you are shampooing, if you have psoriasis or eczema, but don’ expect the shampoo to close the hair shaft after it has finished its job, because it can’t, and it shouldn’t.

If shampoo was designed to close the hair shaft, you would never get your hair clean. Water begins the process and shampoo continues it by picking up all of the foreign matter, then water releases the shampoo and the foreign matter from the hair shaft. Simple chemistry!! If this process did not occur, and shampoo did close the hair shaft, why do we need to rinse it out and how would it get out of the hair shaft? It would be locked in there forever!!

To close the hair shaft after this process, you will need conditioner. Its job is to deposit some nutrients back into the hair shaft and close it off so that your hair won’t tangle up and dry out.

So, if you come across shampoo that says it will leave your hair soft and silky without the need for conditioner, don’t use it!!

I have a serious concern for those products that say hey are two in one shampoo and conditioner. How is this possible when they have completely opposite chemical reactions on hair??????