Choosing the Right Linear Actuator

There are various elements you should consider before buying a linear actuator so that you may be sure you have got your hands on the most ideal linear actuator for your specific functions. These considerations have been discussed below:

1. Force

You should first consider the amount of force that your linear actuator should produce to effectively carry out different tasks. The basic function of the linear actuator is to overcome the friction, producing enough thrust and force so that the specific function can be done with ease. Thus, it is necessary to determine the force output of the linear actuator you are buying.This way you can filter out all other actuators that don’t produce the required force you need.

2. Strength

This refers to the stroke strength that your linear actuators have, which subsequently help them cover a reasonable distance. Traditionally, it is preferred that the typical two-inch additions should be used.

Moreover, the stroke strength determines the strength and level of retraction of the linear actuators.Thus, they are unable to choose the one that would fit exactly in the available space.

3. Speed

Speed is another important factor to consider before buying your linear actuator. You need to first analyze the kind of speed you would require to do your functions and activities. Thus, if you exactly have calculated the velocity you need, you would easily filter out all other linear actuator options that give you higher or lower speed than that.

4. Some Other Factors

Apart from the three obvious factors mentioned above, the challenge of overheating is something that noentityusing actuators would deny. Therefore, you have to first determine the rate with which you would be using this mechanical device.

Another important factor is the electricity supply available at the area where it has to be operated. Let’s imagine that the linear actuator you will be buying requires a DC motor to be fitted with it. In this case,you should ensure that the voltage required by it should be similar to the voltage available in the area. In the same way, if the application requires an AC supply, you wouldn’t have to look foran AC motor because you can easily do the AC to DC conversion.

However, you will find a lot of high output rating options as far as linear actuators are concerned. It is more important to determine what you should look for as strengths for your device than anything else. You may not require a very high speed device for your operations and in the same way, you might want something that has a shorter lifespan so that your operations can be effective and last forever. Thus, if you are looking at manufacturers’ ratings, you must not filter out your preferences.But they should only be considered as one of the factors in your decision.

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