Partnership Announcement: Coindor

What’s in this article

Welcome James Tarling and the Coindor Team

We would like to welcome Coindor as our official partner in assisting the growth of the the decentralized finance industry. Founded in June of 2021, James and his team have set out to create a space where community members can gain awareness of cryptocurrency projects who are aiming to change the world. With the use of polls, Coindor helps put a spotlight on projects with active and motivated communities, and users are able to discuss in the comment section the benefits of the projects they have voted for.

What does Coindor Do?

Coindor is creating a trusted digital information centre to help cryptocurrency enthusiasts identify and support legitimate technology projects in an environment that is welcoming, accessible and honest.

Coindor will be a useful time-saving device. Finding legitimate projects is hard work with the resources currently available. Coindor is compiling a database of non-anonymous projects, with audited smart contracts and real use-cases.

Many of Coindor’s listed projects have already gone on to do great things (including Ultra!).

Why is our partnership important?

Coindor and Ultra Protocol both share a vision for the cryptocurrency space. Indeed we are both committed to pushing this space towards mass adoption, whilst taking every opportunity to stamp out the corruption and unethical practises which do untold harm to the space we hold so dearly.

Ultra Protocol will become one of the leading launchpads in this space. Projects launched from it’s ecosystem can be referred to Coindor for vetting and promotions at a discounted rate. Equally, any upcoming project which approaches Coindor for vetting and promotions ahead of a launch will receive a discounted rate for using the Ultra launchpad.

What will be the benefits for both communities of the partnership?

You can join us in the Voice Chat of Telegram and talk directly to the founder and Zatoshi about the partnership, Coindor and more!

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