Ulyngo and Modo Labs Partnership

Ulyngo, Inc., the leading student marketplace provided in Higher Ed that gives universities access to the market of used goods while increasing student engagement, university revenue and campus safety, and Modo Labs, Inc., provider of a leading engagement and communication platform that creates a connected experiences for universities, corporations and hospitals through mobile applications, have established a partnership that will streamline student life e-commerce and drive activity to existing institutional mobile applications.

While institutions are integrating technologies that benefit and modernize student life, they’re simultaneously detached from the way students buy/sell outside the bookstore. To give campuses a comprehensive solution, it is imperative that all technology is built for a mobile-first student base.

With this new partnership, a unified mobile marketplace experience integrated within all existing commerce and payment systems is now easily within reach of any institution. Ulyngo can offer a universally accessible, powerful platform that students can all take advantage of, no matter where they happen to be. Through its Mobile solution, Modo Labs provides a mobile engagement platform, Modo Campus™ , in which institutions can quickly implement and deploy mobile app experiences– whether for new student orientation, campus apps, etc. Taken together, Ulyngo’s marketplace platform can now be easily embedded as part of a single mobile campus solution, combining all commerce systems and campus activities and enabling an improved user experience.

About Ulyngo, Inc.

Since launching in 2015, Ulyngo has been the leading platform that gives Universities access to the market of used goods on campus through a student-to- student marketplace that increases engagement, revenue, and campus safety.

About Modo Labs, Inc.

Modo Labs offers a complete mobile solution that empowers ordinary people to create extraordinary campus apps. Any non-technical person can create a mobile experience in hours that engages students or employees. Pre-built modules leverage any data (indoor and outdoor maps, courses, social, video, dining, transit, athletics and more) and deliver it to a central campus app for a deep integrated user experience.

Originally published at Ulyngo.