Creative Cyclops

Today most creative people cannot feel unique or original unless they are part of a team, a pack, a tribe full of leaders, gurus, experts, and think-tanks.

Geniuses are being mass produced like exceptionally talented worker-ants. Being a genius has become a magical oxymoron, a common thing that people have even when by its very definition it is supposed to be the rarest of things.

We used to dream of a society where everyone is exceedingly smart and super intelligent. Well, today we can have that and much more. Genius, as a rarity, has consented to an unabashed full on egalitarianism.

Being a genius has become a moral imperative for those who have gotten tired of seeing themselves as losers. But there is a catch. It is all happening only under fifteen minutes of fame. Kind of a Mayfly story: Eternity delivered in just one day.

Abundance is everywhere and not only an abundance of geniuses, but also an abundance of useful idiots. Yet, let’s be brutally honest about this frenzy of geniuses. There ought to be something phoney about them.

Geniuses are rarities, only stupidity is viral. And the art of zombifying literate educated fools is the genius rarity of some big corporate bosses. We got many second grade geniuses in today's creative marketplace.

Like the One-Eyed individual in the land on the blind, we all believe that the One-Eyed individual is better than the blind. The One-Eyed individual is obviously the specialist, the expert.

That is all we do; recruit One Eyed genius in the land of the blind and tell everyone that the One-Eyed approach is not only better than the blind, but it is also better than the Two Eyed approaches.

That is why One Eyed Genius cannot sense higher intelligence.

They are affected by the chatterbox syndrome, always ready to pull out a prepackage smart glossy idea about anything.

Yet, since they become dumb when higher intelligence is required they have embedded a natural switch to stray conversion off topic. They will blame on lack of clarity, on syntax, on character, on all but not on their inabilities to handle the topic head-on.

Like trying to grab mercury with their fingers, One Eyed Genius is not meant to even notice that mercury is not there for grabbing. They fail to grasp that there are ideas which are not there, available for grasping.