Did you have to bring up the partner pay system? Argh!

Yeah. The thing is though writers should and need to get paid! Content is king at the moment, and I am getting paid to write, but that writing is for other people according to their brief, and can feel like pulling teeth sometimes. Whereas here you get the freedom, which is great, but it would be awesome if more people could realise actual money (which counts) from the format. Personally, I think a major problem is the lack of visibility we have to our followers. Hope they improve so there less of a scrollathon and less effort to notice new articles written by the people we follow.

I love the fact when I clap a small proportion of the money I’ve paid will go to the writer I’m clapping. As a reader it feels empowering, yet, as a writer somehow the maths just doesn’t add up unless you are going for the 25,000 follower level and I just can’t motivate myself to be that business minded when it comes to what I create. Argle. This was my downfall as an artist too.

The whole art/ writing/ creation as a business sucks. Yet, we all kind of dream of it because then we wouldn’t need our day jobs and we could spend more time on doing what we love.

I mean we’d all secretly love to be Banksy right?! Even, 1/2 a Bansky would suit most of us : D.