She sounds like a real adventurer!

Yes she is! She did the whole Jordan Trail not long ago, I couldn’t join her because of my young children :(. I live vicariously through her now! lol

Personally, I think the only wrong in travel is when people impose themselves onto the place, and behave abusively to the people who live in the place they visit. Otherwise, yes there is a style for everyone, and there’s no need to force yourself one way or another. If you don’t like camping don’t camp, if you don’t like 5* Hotels, don’t use them. Easy peasy!

Hmm not sure which trip/ journey was the best. The leeches were on Sumatra… I did enjoy that trip but eww. Trauma.

One of the most memorable was when I was just a child, and she found this old windmill in Spain for us to stay in. I remember going to sleep every night in this funnily angled room which was all wood shiplap boards, a metal frame bed, with a mirror and a gecko hiding behind (I really like geckos). Then we went on this long hike, and my Dad had to throw me across a rushing river to his friends waiting arms. The friend remains my hero to this day!

However, the place I love the most from our travels together has to be Hawaii, and the long hikes we used to do in the West Maui Mountains following stream beds, climbing up the waterfalls and swimming in pools we found along the way.