They say there’s not enough masks, a lack of contingency plans, and an inability to practice their skills properly

A photo of a tired black female nurse sitting in a hospital hallway chair.

WWith the shortage of health care professionals in light of Covid-19, women of color are feeling the brunt of this pandemic more than ever. On the one hand, they have endured great sacrifices to be where they are right now, but on the other, their lives are literally on the…

Anyone can adopt these strategies into their everyday life and experience more inner peace

II grew up steeped in the idea that silence was sacred. As observant Muslims, my family and I would make time to pray five times a day — five distinct, quiet, contemplative moments. This time would interrupt what was going on in our daily lives, no matter what.

These days…

Despite rampant Islamophobia, there is so much in the Qur’an that is waiting to be (re)discovered

TThe room was split up according to different noise levels and tunes. To my right, younger girls were reciting somewhat in unison. In the rest of the room, the older girls were memorizing different portions of the Qur’an in euphony. If someone were to hear some of these girls from…

The No Ban Act is considered to be the first piece of legislation where Muslims’ rights are centered

TThe House of Representatives just announced a historic hearing on the Muslim Ban on September 24th. This will be the first ever hearing on the Muslim Ban despite the many years of pain inflicted upon numerous families that have been separated. Furthermore, this is the first step toward a House…

In learning about this sacred practice, you will come to understand why it’s meaningful to so many

InIn case you missed it, many Muslims all around the world have been preparing for one of the five pillars of Islam known as Hajj, which literally means the pilgrimage. Hajj takes place between the 8th and 12th day of Dhul-Hijjah, the last month of the Islamic calendar. This is…

Tasmiha Khan

Muslim American Bengali freelance journalist. Words in National Geographic, VICE, Business Insider, MTV, Newsweek, Refinery29, and Salon among others.

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