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10 THINGS BRANDS COULD DO TO SURVIVE A CRISIS was written under 24-hours, over 4 days, last week.

The truth is, I could have done it in one seating, but with two kids doing home-based learning including online piano and French lesson, a full-time job with back-to-back meetings running my own creative department, a husband at home working from the best room in the house, and a dog that gives me allergies with covid19-like sinus symptoms from being around him 24/7, I decided that for my health and sanity, it’s best I pace it out!

In the meantime, Amazon’s e-book…

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I love research. Doesn’t sound very creative, I know. To be honest, I detested it till I did my master’s in tech and innovation at HYPER ISLAND. Then I realised research is oh so misunderstood and can’t lumped in one category. There are two types of research. The kind that works and the kind that doesn’t. And focus groups in my opinion, falls into the second category.

Let me explain why I love research. Research provides data that brings to light insights or human truths. Insights and human truths inform strategy. …

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Last December I left Ogilvy to head up a creative department at Weber Shandwick. I was equally nervous and excited. It’s been seven months and I realised something very important — when you start something new inside any agency, it’s like running your own startup. And from my experience thus far, I’ve learned so much and made my fair share of mistakes because things don’t always go as you plan and imagine in your head.

But if you’re out there running a creative shop or a new creative anything, I hope these learnings help you.


1. Shiny isn’t always effective. Bland can be beautiful too when it works.

2. Small isn’t always just a stepping stone. It can be an awesome, agile destination.

3. The loudest person isn’t the `rightest’ person.

4. Strategy isn’t carved in stone. It needs to pivot and evolve once the campaign is launched based on live learnings. If it doesn’t, it’s just guess work.

5. If it ain’t broke, don’t break it so you can pretend to fix it and take credit.

6. Go on a limb. Admit it when you fail. Try something different.

7. It’s not about the…

1. Love and respect people because they are people (not because they are rich, famous, of a particular race, religion or nationality).

2. Fight for what you believe in, even if it costs you everything.

3. Be quick to apologise for your mistakes. Being wrong isn’t a bad thing. Being arrogant is.

4. Cherish your family, make time for your friends — they are your greatest treasures.

5. No price is too great for freedom.

6. Make an effort to learn/try something new every week.

7. Workout — it keeps you fit and releases happy hormones.

8. Pray and meditate…

Today there are prosperous nations with strong economies. And third world nations that are in great debt with no way out, their citizens dying of hunger. Today people fight for land and go to war in the name of race and religion. Today more than ever we need world peace.

Can we really have world peace? I believe we can if we have a world without borders. If we relinquish the concept of countries. If we are all citizens one country — Earth. And if we were all labelled as one — members of the human race.

Why? Because nations…

My one gripe in life — there’s so much to learn and so little time to do so. I get annoyed that I can’t learn fast enough. Absorb everything around me immediately. Give enough time to every new concept that comes my way … but I make an effort to spend at least 10 minutes a day learning something new.


  1. I write down every new concept, word or theory that tickles my interest which I hear mentioned or read about or even catch a glimpse of, immediately in my iPhone note pad. Then any chance I get, I google…

“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” Aristotle.

If there’s one thing I’m truly grateful to Hyper Island for, it’s the inspiration to learn the things I don’t know anything about, by trying them out as I go along.

Some of my best lessons come from the different people who gave talks at HI about how they didn’t always know what the end result would be. And yet took a leap of faith in the area of their passion, doing what they knew how to, doing them well and then…

Everyone is going on about the internet of things. I believe the next phase of technology is the Internet of People. Some tech gurus think they’re one and the same. But hear me out — cos my definition of what the Internet of people is, differs.

Let’s take a quick look at the evolution of the internet and technology.

Just Internet — Just 30 years ago, we had PCs which sat in an allocated corner in the home or office. With this giant computing device — a person had to go to it to get connected.

Internet on the Go…

Last week I met a man who showed me the wonders of the universe.

He also let me try his new apple TV developer’s kit and introduced me to a much-improved Siri, who can now fulfil subsequent requests. Yup, I’m in love. (With Siri, not the man.)

Which brings me back to the man — Chris Harris, the key speaker at a Hyper Island UX lab which ended with an open talk about Future Technologies.

He also happens to be an Apple fanboy, UX guru, founder of TapJet and the guy who introduced Professor Jonathan Briggs (one of the founders…

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Founder — The Female Idea, Creative Director, Author, Futurist, Keynote Speaker on Women Leadership, Hope, Parenting and Creativity.

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