Why Does Dating Men Make Me Feel Like Shit?
Emma Lindsay

So there I was looking at this very issue, turning it this way and that, examining it to pieces, thinking I sort of understood it, but just as I arrived at a new intersection of insight I looked up to see I had actually stalled on the train tracks. In that moment, the train smashed me from the side and dragged me downtrack a mile or so before stopping. That’s what reading this was like. The clarity with which it made sense is astonishing to me. Maybe others have been saying it in different ways and I just wasn’t getting it. Maybe it really is a matter of looking at it through the right filter or lens or whatever. Don’t know, don’t care. I’m going to have to chew on this dissertation for some time and fully let it sink in. Thank you for being bold enough to challenge the patriarchy with your writing. Thanks for your honesty. And thanks for sharing your own, inimitable voice.

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