Me and My Small Efforts

I joined professional life due to the sickness of my Father in 2007 after the completion of my Matriculation. I want to study more but i cannot do this. I did not stop my struggle towards getting education and after spending two years in professional life i got admission in F.Sc. At that time the health of my Father was a little bit better. I managed my study with my professional life by giving 6 hours daily to my Father’s shop after the college. After this I got admission in the Islamia University of Bahawalpur. At that time it was very difficult for me to eat the food of hostel because only two months before the admission I was operated for tonsillectomy. By facing all these hurdles, now as a reward I am the student of M.Phill in Medical Entomology.

In future I will focus on hardwork and determination for getting my goals.

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