Sharing the tips with a working professional and exploring the life of purpose of your network

After sharing tips with Prof. Dr. Waseem Akram

Prof. Dr. Waseem Akram has professional experience of more than 15 years. He is the Chief controller officer of Dengue control program all over Punjab appointed in Chief Minister Secretariat Lahore. I select Prof. Dr. Waseem Akram for sharing the tips. I shared the tips with him in person rather than sharing tips on mail. Previously I already told him that I am doing a Fellowship powered by Stanford University. He was very happy when I told him about my selection in Fellowship. The tips which I shared with him are

1. Put your time in: Everyone starts out doing grunt work till trust is proven

2. Don’t talk badly about the company or about your boss

3. Take control of your relationship with your boss and team members

4. Find a mentor and manage the relationship strategically

5. Join a professional body and build your network

6. Embrace change and reflect on what you are learning daily

He carefully listen the tips which I told him. After that I asked suggestion from him. He told me that these tips are very helpful in professional life. He told me that many time in his life he faced unhappy bosses but in order to get best from them we should respect them.

His purpose of life is to establish a huge scientific complex related to the field of Medical Entomology in University of Agriculture Faisalabad. He is currently working on this huge project.

He is struggling from previous 5 years and bearing the pain of wait for his project. He strongly emphasizes me to focus on tip no 3 and tip 4. He was very busy in those days. I am very thankful to him because he gave me his precious time.