Khudi and Self Learning Experience.

A race can no longer be lavishing unless it makes you think; how to get a competitive edge? How much a talent will grow if it is exposed to flourish in an advantageous atmosphere? During my Montessori education I was shy type of person and trying to avoid people with narrow mindset. I was ambiguous about my goals and myself too. People ignored me and under these circumstances, these things pushed me in the pool of depression and tension. All of all, I wanted to show my real prowess but how I didn't know. People tried to banish me from their mundane activities and even did not engage me to nosebleed extent. Then I decided I will show them what really I am by my academia. But it was too difficult for me because from my early education to middle class, my education’s outcome graph inclined downward gradually that scared me. After analysing my previous academia credentials I decided to come up with new face among people in the ninth class.

I wanted to achieve this academia goal to show people what I am capable of and I can do too. That directly related to my future concerns but at that time I was not aware of this. I was not diligent and hard working student but still aimed high, I played games at peak with zealous soul. I knew my intelligence and smartness that could help me out in achieving my goals rather than hard working.

To achieve this goal, I started getting coaching classes from separate institute along with school classes. Now, the burden of my education felt like enormous assignments, school work, home work and academy work. The work load had been got high as I was expecting. But I had to show people I can do. It made me inspiring because I don’t want to die simple or ordinary life. It was conundrum to cope up with time management but with the passage of time I was able to manage and remained punctual.

To accomplish my goal, I identified some rudimentary tasks: Punctuality, Test Sessions and scrutinization of previous data available. I remained punctual throughout my academia career whatever was the circumstances or weather conditions, It’s one of my life rule. I attended test session, no matter how much I got prepared to give test, by this at least I came to know that currently where I am standing what is my potential and somewhat about important questions. I examined previous records and predicted papers to some extent.

As punctuality, test sessions and analysis of previous data helped me out in acquiring my goal. These were become my habits and now it’s a part of my blood.

When I accomplished my goal, I stood second in my class exams, that surprised my teachers and even my family. Now, the beginning of real academia career embarked that led to my current situation, where I am standing today in UET, Lahore. On learning from previous accomplishment I came to know that if I set a goal or aim then I can deploy it too. But problem is that I rarely set goals.

In future, I would like to set my goals and identify the key tasks in accomplishing these goals. I would love to enhance my professional grooming by proper mentor-ring and make myself able to avoid ambiguousness about myself and my interpersonal strengths.

Please suggest me the right or prolific way of setting goals and achieving goals.
I would like to become a Philanthropist, Inshallah.

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