Trump’s Coup Failed — or Did It?

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In case you hadn’t noticed, yesterday, Donald Trump posted a 46-minute long video demanding that the election results be “overturned…now!” That came shortly after Bill Barr admitted that Trump’s attempts to legally tamper with results were both baseless and absurd — and the Attorney General is a die-hard Trumpist if ever there was one.

So why is Trump persisting with his coup? Hasn’t it failed? Well…yes. But also…no. Coups can succeed or fail on several levels. And Trump might not have walked away with the ultimate prize — but he’s not walking away empty-handed, either. …

As Vaccines Finally Become Available, Will Covid Become a Thing of the Past?

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Today, in a landmark moment, Britain became the first Western country to approve a Covid vaccine. So: is the long, grinding age of Covid finally coming to an end?

That’s remarkable — because of how fast they’ve been developed. It’s been less than a year. Usually, vaccines take a good half decade or so. And yet here we are, just short of year into the greatest public health crisis of the modern era — and there’s already a bevy of vaccines coming available. That’s a stunning triumph for science (and also for sane, thinking people.)

To understand how this came to be — and what happens next — it’s worth taking a moment to examine the science behind Covid vaccines. Covid vaccines are the first large scale mRNA vaccines. Remember high-school biology? Then you might also recall that DNA is like the whole instruction manual for our cells, which tells their machinery which proteins to make, while mRNA — “messenger” RNA — is like a photocopy of one page from the manual, of just a single protein, or a group of them. Don’t let your eyes glaze over just yet, because this really is revolutionary. …

The Great Lesson of the 20th Century — and How America Never Learned It

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Image Credit: Bethany Anderson

When I say “the modern world,” what do you think of? Probably a great city somewhere, with broad avenues, spacious parks, art and culture, old museums, people buzzing about, public transport thrumming.

Now think of America. People dying for a lack of insulin. Young people who can’t afford to start families of their own. The average person living perched right at the edge of ruin, one missed paycheck, one illness, one emergency away from disaster. Kids massacring one another at schools. Infants on trial. Politicians who proclaim “God is a white supremacist!” …

The Year My Puppy Taught Me to Rethink Everything I Thought I Knew

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Image Credit: Snowy

I was reflecting over Thanksgiving on what I’m grateful for this year — and I’m incredibly grateful for the community here on Medium. One thing I’m grateful for, though, jumped out at me the most. And it turns out to be the little guy in the pic above. And yet if you’d asked me maybe six months ago, I would’ve said, petulantly, something like, “My puppy? My puppy…ruined my life!! He’s so anxious I can’t take him anywhere and he’s so needy I can’t do anything!!! AURGH!!!”

But here we are. The universe moves in mysterious ways, and it turns out that the best teacher I ever had was…a tiny little white cotton puff. …

Should Biden Govern Like a Moderate, Or Like He Has a Mandate for Change?

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Image Credit: Chandan Khanna

I woke up this morning to read a kind of predictable, thoughtless litany in America’s newspaper columns. It went like this. “Moderates” were responsible for Joe Biden’s victory — therefore he should govern like a moderate, so as not to risk alienating them.

There’s only one problem with that, which is all of it. It’s completely and totally wrong as a set of ideas — not just illogical, but worse, false. Yet this is what passes for thinking in America now — and if Biden follows it, his Presidency will surely fail.

Let me explain, though you probably have an inkling of what I mean. …

If Biden Gets it Wrong, Trumpism Could Come Back Even Stronger in 2024

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Image Credit: Twitter

Check out the picture above. Have a good laugh. Right about now, Donald Trump is deservedly the object of ridicule, scorn, and contempt. Deservedly, because, well, he’s been america’s worst president by a long way. But while Trump may be finally on his way out, Trumpism — the authoritarianism that’s come to prevail among the GOP — surely isn’t. So while Trump is being universally mocked today, what if…?

Here’s how Trumpism recurs, only stronger.

The Biden Presidency isn’t a failure — but it’s not exactly a success, either. It’s a return to the status quo ante, the way things were before. …

What a Catrastrophic Year is Trying to Teach Us About Ourselves, the Future, and Our World

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Image Credit: Don Bartletti

There’s a lesson that we should have learned from Covid. The big We. As a world, as societies, a human beings, as inhabitants of planet earth. It goes deep. All the way. Past politics, economics, all the superficial dross that surrounds us, deficits, left, right, budgets, cuts — the nostrums shouted at us by a hundred pundits a thousand times a day. So deep that it cuts to the truth of who we really are, when you take away the labels.

But have we learned it? Is it even a glimmer yet in our eyes?

We all want this miserable year to be over. For this miserable plague to go away already. And after Donald Trump, then Covid. But let us first learn the lesson of the last year. It goes like this. …

Unless We Have a Great Transformation, We Face Three Decades of Collapse

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Image Credit: Our Dog Snowy

“But what is he?” I asked, frustrated. My mind hurt. I need to figure things out, or else I go a little crazy. And this was one question that I couldn’t figure out. Nothing seemed to fit.

“Well,” the kid sis, aka the editor in chief, replied, furrowing her brow, taking a long moment to reflect, “he’s a…he’s a person.”

“Ahhhhh.” I sighed in sweet relief. A buddy? A friend? A toddler? A child? My child? All of the answers I’d come up with were true, but only in a small way. Inadequate, not developed, not true enough. The correct answer was as simple as it was elegant. My little doggy. What was he? …

America’s Been in Decline for Half a Century. Is This the Turning Point, or Will the Cycle Continue?

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Source: Center for American Progress

If you’re American, take a moment to congratulate yourself. You’ve just survived the tenure of the worst President in American history. Trump’s given the green light for the transfer of power to proceed, which means that his coup has failed. That’s as close as he’s ever going to get to conceding. Yes, really. Probably, you did your own part — small or large — to help that along. So breathe a sigh of relief.

All of which raises the question: were the Trump years America’s rock bottom? As in, the worst things are going to get? Is it all uphill, maybe, from here — which, admittedly, is a low, low point, America standing at the bottom of the abyss? …

What Americans Don’t Understand About Freedom — That Europeans and Canadians Do

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Image Credit: Lindsey Wasson

By now, you might have heard North Dakota is the world’s worst Covid hotspot. The world’s worst, with South Dakota not far behind. Things aren’t just desperate there — they’re bizarre, at least to the rest of the world. Nurses talk about patients in the Covid ICU lashing out at them because…they don’t believe Covid exists…while they’re dying of it. Meanwhile, the governor refuses to make mask-wearing mandatory, because she thinks that masks and lockdowns don’t work. …


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