This essay goes too far, and I’m not a Davos fan.
ryan borker

i love the fact that only geeky white guys (yes, i mean ONLY geeky white guys, it’s never say, latina transgender poets or brown women or old asian grandmothers) leave me comments exactly like the above: long lectures that are asinine in the truest sense of the word. That is, they pretend like the essay they have just read doesn't exist, and their unsubstantiated, unreasoned, unsupported, and nakedly aggressive opinion counts for more than reason, logic, evidence, facts, history, argument, debate, theory, model, data…

the level of arrogance, blindness, foolishness, and/or pride that you need to that the former counts more than the latter is truly pretty astonishing when you think about. because you must believe that convenience is more valuable than truth.

i don’t.

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