Glad to hear that the global economic revolution that started with the Arab Spring has now…
thomas rosensen

thomas rosensen:

now you are claiming to speak for all nonwhite people. when we scratch your surface, there is even a little bit of racism glittering there, when you put “white man’s burden” in quotes. but of course this is a historical phenomenon, not a myth.

that is precisely why i don’t want to part of your revolution. it isn’t really one. it’s just another way for the same people, in this case angry men, to stay in power. in this, you’re no different from the people you call your adversaries. to me, you are one and the same.

so why would i (or anyone with any kind of real awareness) want someone like you in my life, who is only interested in their own power, control, ego? in their own tribalism, self-preservation?

there is no love in you. there is only anger. when we scratch of the surface of you, all we really find is the same ugliness that is in your enemies.

thanks for so generously and visibly proving my point.

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