This is How Societies Descend into Terrorism and Civil War, When Fanatics and Fascists Give Up on Politics

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Today was the day that armed fascists stormed the US Capitol, broke the doors and windows, entered the house chamber, where there was an armed standoff. All that, by the way, was abetted and incited by the President and his key political allies. Is that a sentence or two you thought you’d ever read?

This is the coup I warned you about. Don’t read that in the way of horn-tooting. Many others did, too — and if you’re half way thoughtful, you saw it coming just as much as we did.

Why Wasn’t Trump Impeached at Camps, Cages, Family Separations, Gestapos, Beatings, Disappearances, or Mass Death?

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So it’s official. Donald Trump has been impeached for a second time. He’s now the most impeached President in American history.

Meanwhile, the nation’s Capitol looks like a war zone. Republicans seem to be calling for civil war. Trump’s army of fanatics has promised to continue the wave of terror that begun with the siege of Capitol Hill. And that, in turn, looks like a sophisticated attempt at a hard coup, which was planned, organized, funded. Whew.

White liberals tell me that I should celebrate. Justice has finally been done! I can’t help but disagree. They fly into a rage when I do. …

What Happened On Capitol Hill Looks Like an Organized Conspiracy to Violently Overthrow Democracy

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The FBI said yesterday that we are “going to be shocked” as further details of what happened on Capitol Hill are released. I don’t know about you, but while I’m not surprised, I’m already shocked. How much worse is there to come in the way of revelations about what actually happened?

The more that we learn about the coup, the worse it looks. It wasn’t a riot, some kind of spontaneous, random eruption of discontent. It wasn’t even a riot incited by the President. It seems now to have been something much darker, deeper, and sinister. A true attempt at a hard coup, which was well funded, organized, and planned, by a neo authoritarian fascist movement, stretching from shock troops to insiders in government. It’s the stuff of conspiracy theories come to life. There appears to be have been a wide-ranging conspiracy, involving insiders at the highest levels, which was well-funded, organized, and planned, with many moving parts, a sophisticated one with several levels of leadership, down to the pot-bellied morons who sacked the Capitol, who were only the most visible part of all this — a conspiracy whose goal was to violently overthrow the government, and plunge the nation into chaos, in order to try and let Trump seize power, in one last ditch paroxysm and attempt at outright sedition. …

How America and Britain Became the World’s Newest Failed States

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Image Credit: Francis Chung

If you’re reading this, the overwhelming odds are that — since you speak English — you’re American or British. And there’s a sad, uncomfortable, and frightening obvious truth that has to be told: our societies have destroyed themselves.

Let me not begin with the obvious example — Trumpism. Though I’ll come to that, but with a different one, which is related in an intimate way.

Brits don’t know it, but right about now, they are guinea pigs in the world’s biggest lab experiment. Their government has decided to delay giving people the second dose of the Covid vaccine. Why? Because it’s made the naive calculation that more lives can be saved that way. Better to give a million people one dose than half a million two, as long as the efficacy’s greater than 50%, right? …

America’s Challenge is Becoming an Anti-Fascist Society

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America now faces a severe and profound challenge. Things should never have been allowed to reach this point — armed fascists storming the Capitol, incited by the President, enabled by his key allies. It wasn’t a riot — it was an organized, planned, well-funded attack on the state, aimed directly at overthrowing it: it was a coup. By the radicalised foot-soldiers, the terrorists, of a fascist movement. Don’t take my word for it, take Arnold’s.

Let me put the challenge America now faces as succinctly as I can.

America’s challenge is creating an anti-fascist society.

We’re all antifa now — if you want to keep a democracy, that is. And writing that, at least, chills me — because even self-imagined good white liberals have bought the hogwash which demonises “antifa” as some kind of left-wing terrorist group. Hello, the terrorists are the guys trying to assassinate leaders when they storm Congress — they’re on the right. And “antifa” is just something that everyone needs to be — or at least most people — if they want to live in a democracy. It is just a set of values, an attitude, a disposition, rejecting fascism as an ideology, politics, approach, movement, relationship — a way of thinking that’s just elementary and fundamental to being a citizen of a functioning modern society. Anti-fa is just something every goofy six year old should be, at least if a democracy is what you want to live in. But most Americans still aren’t there — they quietly shrug and tolerate fascism — and don’t know it yet, which is how America got to a coup on Capitol Hill. …

America’s Been Appeasing its Fascists for the Last Five Years. Now It’s Time to Throw the Book at Them, and Then Some.

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Image Credit: Julio Cortez

You know who has the right idea right about now? Arnold Schwarzenegger. He just released a video calling the “riots” at the Capitol “America’s Kristallnacht.”

There’s a dangerous current surging in America.No, not (just) the violent fascist coup during which paramilitaries beat a cop to death with a fire extinguisher inside the Capitol.

An even more dangerous one: the idea that the people who carried out this coup deserve mercy.

Let me assure you as a survivor and scholar of authoritarianism. There is only one way to deal with fascism, terrorism, authoritariaism, coups, what Americans call “sedition.”

Zero tolerance.

America needs to break the back of this fascist movement, now, severely — or it will pay an even more severe price in years and decades to come. A price in violence, rage, blood, and unrest. The highest of prices. No, I’m not kidding — and though you might feel a chill, I think you know it, too. It’s us or them.

Trumpism is Transforming From a Fanatical Political Movement Into a Violent, Terrorist One

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You know and I know it. This is how Trumpism was always going to end. Where it’s escalating abuses, explosive rage, mounting resentment, growing fanaticism. Its violence was always going to erupt like a volcano. This was always fascism, and fascism always ends in an eruption of violence.

There are only three kinds of people in America that didn’t know it. One, CNN analysts and NYT pundits, who spent the last four years in a bizarre, wilful haze of staggeringly foolish denial. Two, DC insiders, who did the same thing. …

America is Already Downplaying the Severity of the Historic Crisis of Sedition It Now Faces

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It didn’t take very long. Maybe a few hours, at most. For a while there, American media and intellectuals were doing a good job: they were describing the events of the last 24 hours fairly accurately. The Capitol had been stormed by armed fascists, incited by the President. It was a coup. And that had been where Trumpism was always going to end. The President and his minions all had blood on their hands.

And then what Americans call “the narrative” emerged. Suddenly, the story was very different. It wasn’t a coup — it was an “insurrection.” They weren’t fascists — they were “agitators” and “rioters.” Domestic terrorism? Maybe, maybe not. …

How American Fascism Was Allowed to Culminate in a Day of Profound National Disgrace

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Image Credit: Julio Cortez

Armed fascists storming the Capitol. Breaking down the doors, and taking it with violent force.

Noted White Supremacists ransacking its offices. An authoritarian President inciting it all, denying a peaceful transfer of power.

The world is shocked and baffled by America today. How did this day of disgrace come to be?

I have a difficult job today. I have to tell you something you don’t want to hear, probably.

America’s day of infamy — the day armed fascists took the Capitol, let’s call it, for simplicity’s sake — happened for a very, very simple reason. There are many reasons, of course, many factors, but one stands out above all. …

Trump’s Ultimate Victory is That Americans Don’t Believe in Their Own Power and Purpose Anymore

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Here’s a tiny question.

America leads the world by a massive way — a terrible way. It has the most deaths and the worst Covid outcomes of any nation, except perhaps its junior partner in disgraced stupidity, Britain.

More than 330,000 people are dead. Mutliply that by two, because that’s the number that’s going to be hit as the pandemic tails off — if it does. That brings us close to three quarters of a million deaths.

No calamity or war in America history comes remotely close to this staggering, jaw-dropping number. And the even grimmer truth — one which Americans are either too numb or foolish to grasp — is that 99% of those deaths were needless. If America had acted like Vietnam, it would have had just 120 deaths. If America had acted like South Korea, it would have had just 3,200 deaths. …


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