The Day the Fascist Snowflakes Came to Cancel a Black Lady and a Brown Dude

It began, strangely enough, a noted leftist journalist, who once used to be widely admired. He singled out two minorities — Imani Gandy, a well-known Twitter personality, and, well me. Imani made a joke: “Petition to put white cis dudes on a barge and float them out to sea.” I…

Why the Democrats Aren’t Doing Nearly Enough to Fix a Failing State From Another Crippling Wave of Fascism

Right about now, you’re probably one of millions watching a depressingly familiar spectacle play out. America is a badly broken country with an abysmal quality of life wracked by everything from extremism to fascism to despair. Its once-famous middle class is now an impoverished underclass, reacting to its powerlessness with…

We’re on the Cusp of One of the Greatest Inflationary Periods in History. It’s Only Just Begun, and It’s Going to Get a Whole Lot Worse

Right about now, an old, old demon’s starting to possess the economy: inflation. The prices of everything under the sun are skyrocketing. In my other life, I’m a musician — and I’m working with a singer who has an amazing voice. Too bad, though — microphones, amplifiers, furniture, computers —…

How Violence is the Force that Makes American Life So Dystopian

I woke up to a horrific headline today: a man in Philadelphia raped a woman on public transport last week after she rejected his advances. The attack went on for 8 minutes — but the train wasn’t empty. There were multiple bystanders. And yet, for 8 minutes, no one stopped…

The Republicans Didn’t Have to Lift a Finger — The Democrats are Imploding From Within

I need to tell you something that a lot of you aren’t going to want to hear. Especially die-hard liberals, whose relationship with the Democrats has become uncritical, unalloyed, and unhealthy.

Joe Biden’s Presidency is dying. Yes, really. Let me make my case. Because the question is: who killed it?

Too Many Americans Will Be Shocked to Discover They’re Not Capitalists — And That Delusion is Why America Failed as a Society

I’ve heard Joe Biden say something remarkable — something which the average American earnestly, foolishly believes about themselves, too — over and over again, recently. It’s a new talking point of his. It goes like this. “I’m a capitalist!”

Joe Biden is a lot of things. He’s a man, a…

America Got Prosperity Backwards — And That’s Why It’s Still Collapsing

They call it Striketober — workers across America are going on strike. That’s a remarkable occurrence, because it almost never happens. Americans going on strike is a little bit like finding Europeans playing baseball. What drove Americans to this point? Well, think of what they’re demanding. Not just better pay…

America Got a Second Chance at Democracy — And It’s Blowing It, Badly

Sadly, you can see it from here. How happens. How it already is. History repeating itself, until the lesson is learned. The next stage of American collapse goes something like this.

American democracy survived fascism by a hair’s breadth. Trumpism was, yes, the rise of very real fascism in America…

The World America Made is Crumbling. Now What?

There’s a tiny question that keeps recurring to me these days. Have we reached the tipping point of global collapse? Are we past the point of no return when it comes to an immediate future of climate chaos, political upheaval, economic stagnation, and social implosion?

I have this sinking feeling…

How We Got Conditioned Into Accepting Dystopia

Here’s a tiny question. Why is it that the future of the human race, the planet, democracy, life itself is on the line right now — and there’s not a revolution anywhere in sight?

Take a glimpse at the headlines. Today they were so dystopian even I held my head…

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