This Election is About Whether America Can Become a Livable Country Again

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Image Credit: Josh Edelson

This election is about many things: authoritarianism vs democracy, civilization vs fascism, sanity vs folly. It’s a referendum on the intelligence, goodwill, and decency of America as a country. But beneath all that, this election is about a deeper truth: America has become an unlivable country.

Let me explain. I don’t just mean in terms of covid, but we can start there. You know the statistic by now: America has 5% of the world’s population, but 20% of its covid deaths. What that means in practice, though, is that if you’re American, your chances of getting sick and possibly even dying from an illness which has been handled much better in other parts of the world, is vastly higher. How much higher? Well, for example, New Zealand has conquered Covid not once, but twice. …


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