This is How Societies Descend into Terrorism and Civil War, When Fanatics and Fascists Give Up on Politics

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Today was the day that armed fascists stormed the US Capitol, broke the doors and windows, entered the house chamber, where there was an armed standoff. All that, by the way, was abetted and incited by the President and his key political allies. Is that a sentence or two you thought you’d ever read?

This is the coup I warned you about. Don’t read that in the way of horn-tooting. Many others did, too — and if you’re half way thoughtful, you saw it coming just as much as we did.

Trump Has Left America’s Three Major Social Groups Pitted Against Each Other

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As he ascended to the Presidency, Donald Trump famously promised to put an end what he snarled was “American carnage.” It was a statement which left most baffled. Carnage? Where? What was he talking about? Today, as his Presidency ends, it’s clear to the whole world: Trump’s legacy is American carnage.

It’s easy to say: Trump radicalised part of white America. The poor, uneducated, left behind part. Even the aggressively upwardly mobile obviously racist part. That he gave license to them to hate, to laugh at cruelty, to value brutality, to idolise violence. …

What Do the Trump Years Really Say About America? An Ugly Truth You Probably Won’t Want to Hear

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Image Credit: Jeff Kowalsky

Americans often ask what a President’s “legacy” will be. Donald Trump revealed a great and terrible truth: who America “really” is. Now, America’s a lot of things. And yet in the end, too, things reach a kind of balance, and in that balance we can say that the truth of things is revealed at last. Let me explain what I mean.

There’s a dynamic that happens these days that goes like this. A white person, especially a white liberal, will cry, shaking their head at events like, for example, the coup at the Capitol: “this isn’t who America is!” And a minority will respond, shaking their head, “this is exactly who America is!” The white person will feel a sense of white rage at the minority, and the minority will feel a kind of weary, bitter disappointment with the white person. …

The Four Reckonings America Needs to Have If It Wants to “Heal”

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Image Credit: Manuel Balce Ceneta

About a year from now, by next January or so, we’ll begin to have an answer to a crucial, disturbing question: is America going to reckon with the Trump years, or try to sweep them under the rug? I phrase it that way because America has a long, long history of forgetting. Americans — white ones, at least — are very good at forgetting. It may be what they do best. Forgetting — and forgiving, far too soon, and far too often. But forgiveness without repentance is not a virtue: it is just weakness and folly.

The great danger right now is this. America doesn’t have a reckoning — any of the reckonings that should be had — with the Trump Years. It tries to brush them under the rug. But you can’t brush what happened over the last four years under any rug. It will sit there, like a vicious, seething monster covered by half an inch of pile. And, grinning at your weakness, it will attack all over again, the moment you let your guard down, the instant you don’t expect it anymore, having breathed a sigh of relief, saying to yourself: “Phew! I’m glad that’s over.” …

America Has Two Right Wings. Are the Dems Finally About to Change That?

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Image Credit: Asher Whitmer

Despite the attempted coup, despite the violence, fascism, and planned massacre of legislators, something good happened in America recently. Raphael Warnock — pastor of MLK’s former church — won a Senate seat in Georgia. That’s excellent news for Americans of all stripes, even the American Idiots who don’t know it. Even the fascists who attempted to overthrow democracy. I want to take a few moments to discuss why. Just how broken is American politics?

What Warnock’s win has done is raise the possibility of American politics “moving further to the left.” You’ll hear that line over and over again from pundits. That’s true, but only in the way, that, say “Donald Trump is not a nice person” is true. …

This is a Coup That Was Three Centuries in the Making

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Image Credit: Shannon Stapleton

Over the last ten days it’s become horrifically clear that America is still riven by its original sin: the issue of race. When we minorities warned that Donald Trump ascending to presidency was a triumph for white supremacy, we were called alarmists and hysterics. But after armed fascist groups stormed the Capitol, planning to assassinate and massacre legislators to “steal back an election,” and carry out a coup incited by the head of state, the idea that the problem of racism still cuts right down to the bone in America can hardly be disputed.

I often wonder to myself on days like this: what might an America that really understood MLK’s message have been like? What kind of country would that have been and become? …

The Three Big Lies That Hide the Ugly Truths America Still Doesn’t Want to Confront

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Image Credit: Saul Loeb

By now, the story of the last few weeks has become dismally clear. There was, it seems, a hard coup at the US Capitol, carried out by extremists, which was planned, organized, and funded, apparently possibly by Bitcoin payments — whose goal was to capture, hold hostage, and assassinate legislators. Three words: white supremacist terror. Designed to overthrow the government. And it came this close — the blink of an eye — to success.

Why? All because of a Big Lie.

Trump’s told three formative Big Lies over the last five years. And while Trump may be on his way out of office, the Big Lies are going to outlive his Presidency. Millions upon millions of Americans believe them — and they are going to keep on ripping America apart. …

Why Wasn’t Trump Impeached at Camps, Cages, Family Separations, Gestapos, Beatings, Disappearances, or Mass Death?

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Image Credit: John Masterson

So it’s official. Donald Trump has been impeached for a second time. He’s now the most impeached President in American history.

Meanwhile, the nation’s Capitol looks like a war zone. Republicans seem to be calling for civil war. Trump’s army of fanatics has promised to continue the wave of terror that begun with the siege of Capitol Hill. And that, in turn, looks like a sophisticated attempt at a hard coup, which was planned, organized, funded. Whew.

White liberals tell me that I should celebrate. Justice has finally been done! I can’t help but disagree. They fly into a rage when I do. …

What Happened On Capitol Hill Looks Like an Organized Conspiracy to Violently Overthrow Democracy

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Image Credit: Lev Radin

The FBI said yesterday that we are “going to be shocked” as further details of what happened on Capitol Hill are released. I don’t know about you, but while I’m not surprised, I’m already shocked. How much worse is there to come in the way of revelations about what actually happened?

The more that we learn about the coup, the worse it looks. It wasn’t a riot, some kind of spontaneous, random eruption of discontent. It wasn’t even a riot incited by the President. It seems now to have been something much darker, deeper, and sinister. A true attempt at a hard coup, which was well funded, organized, and planned, by a neo authoritarian fascist movement, stretching from shock troops to insiders in government. It’s the stuff of conspiracy theories come to life. There appears to be have been a wide-ranging conspiracy, involving insiders at the highest levels, which was well-funded, organized, and planned, with many moving parts, a sophisticated one with several levels of leadership, down to the pot-bellied morons who sacked the Capitol, who were only the most visible part of all this — a conspiracy whose goal was to violently overthrow the government, and plunge the nation into chaos, in order to try and let Trump seize power, in one last ditch paroxysm and attempt at outright sedition. …

How America and Britain Became the World’s Newest Failed States

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Image Credit: Francis Chung

If you’re reading this, the overwhelming odds are that — since you speak English — you’re American or British. And there’s a sad, uncomfortable, and frightening obvious truth that has to be told: our societies have destroyed themselves.

Let me not begin with the obvious example — Trumpism. Though I’ll come to that, but with a different one, which is related in an intimate way.

Brits don’t know it, but right about now, they are guinea pigs in the world’s biggest lab experiment. Their government has decided to delay giving people the second dose of the Covid vaccine. Why? Because it’s made the naive calculation that more lives can be saved that way. Better to give a million people one dose than half a million two, as long as the efficacy’s greater than 50%, right? …


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