The Day the Fascist Snowflakes Came to Cancel a Black Lady and a Brown Dude

It began, strangely enough, a noted leftist journalist, who once used to be widely admired. He singled out two minorities — Imani Gandy, a well-known Twitter personality, and, well me. Imani made a joke: “Petition to put white cis dudes on a barge and float them out to sea.” I…

The Paradox of Consciousness, or Why We’re Tearing the World Apart Because We Hate Ourselves

Another Covid winter, in a pandemic without end. The GOP becoming more extreme by the day. Britain, committing suicide via Brexit — and denial. Our planet, hurtling towards runaway climate change and mass extinction — with the average person essentially helpless to stop it. How did so much end up…

Something is Going Badly Wrong For America’s Kids — And Shootings Are Just a Symptom of It

Why is it that America’s the only country in the world — the world — which has the gruesome occurrence of regular school shootings? It’s not just about the shootings, as American media often makes it out to be. To be the only country in the world with such a…

If You Want to Know What the Future is Like for American Women, It’s Being Subhuman Breeders in a Fascist Theocracy

It was never a questions of “if,” but only “when.” Now America’s hard right is in sight of a goal it’s been after for decades: Roe v Wade is, as the pundits say, “poised to be overturned.” Hence, the unbelievably grotesque, almost obscene spectacle of one justice, an accused sexual…

We Need to Start Solving the Four Big Problems in the World Today — Or Else Our Societies Will Continue to Implode

When I look around, I see a world with four Big Problems. But to that list, I’d add a fifth. A problem of a different kind. A problem concerning the other four problems. Denial.

We are solving fake problems today, my friends. With more and more foolish and false “solutions.”…

The Lesson of Omicron is Bigger than Covid — It’s About a Failing Civilization

Another winter, another variant. The message of Omicron, though, isn’t just about Covid. It’s about something deeper — as I think you probably suspect. It’s about the dismal state of everything right about. Our civilization. Our societies. Our world. Our future.

We should be doing better than this, my friends…

The Great Lesson of the 20th Century — and How America Never Learned It

When I say “the modern world,” what do you think of? Probably a great city somewhere, with broad avenues, spacious parks, art and culture, old museums, people buzzing about, public transport thrumming.

Now think of America. People die for a lack of insulin. Young people who can’t afford to start…

You’re Not Going to Like the Answers. They Go Like This: Greed, Indifference and Stupidity

Winter 2020, Alpha. Winter 2021, Delta. Winter 2022, Omicron.

Winter 2023, Epsilon. 2024, Tau. 2025, Omega.

By now, you can easily see the dismal trend I just highlighted.

Right one cue, just as winter arrives, a new variant — a more infectious one, a vaccine resistant one, by all appearances…

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