The Day the Fascist Snowflakes Came to Cancel a Black Lady and a Brown Dude

Image Credit: Alejandro Alvarez

It began, strangely enough, a noted leftist journalist, who once used to be widely admired. He singled out two minorities — Imani Gandy, a well-known Twitter personality, and, well me. Imani made a joke: “Petition to put white cis dudes on a barge and float them out to sea.” I said, irritated by the fact that the rich white world is 16% of the the globe’s population but hoarding the vast majority of its vaccines, “Eff off already, white people.” He took pics of those things, and said: “The ‘anti-racist’ advocates are speaking out today with particular righteousness.”

Bang! A…

The Economy Barely Survived Covid. It’s Not Going to Survive What’s Next.

Image Credit: Pablo Andrés Neumeyer

A funny and strange thing happened to me recently. I wanted to buy some stuff — AV gear, because I think we’re going to start making podcasts and videos. I like to do things professionally, though, so I thought I’d invest in pro quality soundcards and microphones and so on. I didn’t know, really, what a deep rabbit hole this was — or how expensive these things can get.

I emailed a couple of shops, and casually inquired what the best deal they could give me was. I wasn’t prepared for the response. It was nasty. I got long screeds…

How Corruption, Greed, and Ideology Made America the World’s First Poor Rich Country

Image Credit: Greg Rudin

There’s a fact of modern life that’s as simple as it is grim. The economy is rigged. Yes, really. Against you — at least if you’re 99% of people. Here are ten precise ways how — after a quick discussion of what “the economy’s rigged” really means.

The meaning of this now ubiquitous catchphrase is worth examining. “The economy’s rigged” doesn’t just mean something minor, like paying a bill is annoying — it means, effectively, something at the level of a society, the lives in it, their fates, something like: “working hard doesn’t pay off. No matter what you do…

The Vicious Cycle of Indifference and Individualism That Poisoned America

Whenever I come back to the States from Europe — as I recently did — I’m struck by a certain kind of feeling. How alienated American life is. Not the good kind of alienation — like, say, left bank philosophers in cafes. Life feels…distant. Lonely. Numb. Estranged. Hostile.

Maybe that strikes a chord, I don’t know.

The result of this feeling of isolation and estrangement is that I end up, invariably, after a few days, in a brain fog. My mind slowly shuts down. I can’t think well anymore. I feel like I’m moving through molasses. I’m fatigued all the…

The Faustian Bargain Between Billionaires and the Working Class is Ripping Our Societies Apart

Image Credit: Paul Rudin

Of the many dangerous trends that marks this new Dark Age, one of the most visible is social fracture. Our societies seem to be coming undone. They’re divided, riven, and ragged. The fabric of society doesn’t seem to work anymore. Values, norms, institutions — none of these seem to hold people together anymore.

We need to be united if we wish to solve our greater Existential Threats. Fighting rising extremism requires societies united against hate and brutality. But our societies are now divided into the hateful, the indifferent, and a fast shrinking number of the still sane and thoughtful. Greater…

Our Civilization is Beginning to Collapse Before Our Eyes. But Do We See It?

Image Credit: Craig Mullanax

When I look at the world these days, I see the dawn of a new Dark Age. I wondered for a while, and now I’m more or less certain. The turning point of that new Dark Age will be…well, let me explain.

You might have heard by now that the G7 failed “unforgivably” — in the words of former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown — on vaccines. …

What Does a Civilization That’s Beginning to Collapse Look Like? This, Here, Now

Image Credit: Lex Augusteijn

“You don’t seriously think…civilization…is going to…collapse? Do you? LOL! Dude!! Here, have a beer!” It’s a question I get asked these days, sometimes angrily, sometimes mockingly, sometimes like I’m crazy — rarely seriously. My answer — said as gently as I can — tends to go something like this.

What exactly do you imagine “civilizational collapse” is? This strange, sci-fi term you might be hearing more and more, by overly concerned and earnest people like…well…me? Maybe you think, having watched too many Hollywood movies, and enjoyed them, like me, that it’s 2012 meets the Purge by way of Noah. …

A Brief, Scary History of the Next Three Decades

Image Credit: Bernard Quint

In the late 2019, a new illness was found in Wuhan, and, a few months later, the entire world, more or less, was in lockdown. It wasn’t a blip or an anomaly or an oddity. It was a turning point. A point of no return. A critical juncture.

Life as the human race had known it was about to begin to come to an end.

Coronavirus, it turned out, was just the beginning. Of a new, dark chapter in human history. It was a small taste of what was to come. And though annoying people like Umair and Joe Stiglitz…

The Dumbest Nation on Earth is Facing Yet Another Self-Made Covid Catastrophe

Image Credit: Phil Noble

Something dark, stupid, and dangerous is brewing in Britain. Isn’t it always, these days? This time, it’s not Brexit. It’s a third wave of Covid. And this one is going to be bad — in many ways, worse than the first two. Brexit Britain, the dumbest country on earth, is about to teach the world what a third wave of Covid looks like, and how damaging it can really be.

Let’s begin with some numbers — grim and foreboding one. Covid cases are on the rise in Britain again. But not just any Covid cases. Cases of the “Delta” variant

Billionaires are Another Sign of a Civilization Plunging into a New Dark Age

Image Credit: Oxfam

By now, you’ve probably read the recent revelations that billionaires pay little to nothing in taxes. I’m surprised that anyone’s surprised by this. Isn’t this something we all knew? After all, their corporations don’t, so why would they? All of that is indicative of something I’ve been discussing here lately. The world is plunging into a new kind of Dark Age.

Today’s billionaires control immense amounts of wealth and power — so immense that they’re the wealthiest and most powerful people in human history. I don’t think that the average person really grasps this. …

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