Lesson of outdoor Session with #AmalFamily

We all have experiences of in-door sessions with our fellows and It is something common. But going for an outdoor session! That is something new and interesting.

In Amal Fellowship’s last week, the last session was outdoor session. So we planned it to make beautiful experience and went to Garvaish Luxury Hotel Faisalabad.

It was very interesting and enjoyable session. We had all our fellows came up there and there we celebrated the journey’s end along with the birthday celebration of our Beloved Fellow Sehrish Khan’s son.

I think that the main lesson was to cherish the days we spent together and making our bonds even more stronger.

The purpose/lesson was well learned and we celebrated our final moments of fellowship and made new memories and developed strong everlasting relations with the #amalfamily.

Overall it was very blasting experience. Enjoyed a lot and learned each other’s stories of fellowship period and learnings during the fellowship.

Thank you Amal for this beautiful session!

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