My First Blog ( Part of Amal Projects)

Part 1: Edhi sb Reading

“I hated failure and knew that success was synonymous with effort, by which rule I believed I could win”
This was said by Edhi when he was telling about his most interesting extracurricular activity in the young age which was racing. He used one of the principles of progress here which are Amal and Kam Kam Kam. He wanted to explain that effort is another word for success. If you work hard then success becomes part of your struggle. I chose this example because it’s related to one of my life events which was very important. In my 2nd semester I wanted to compete for the 1st position in class. Unfortunately my GPA wasn’t good to compete for 1st position after 1st semester. But I made my target very clear and worked hard on my goal and after 4th semester I was Topper of my section. So, my effort bore fruit for me.

Part 2: #JustStart Project

Speaking in front of Public(in the class, in the gathering and in any situation having crowd of any sort) is kind of necessary skill which is very important in the communication and for the professional life.That has been my weakness and I always feared to come above this fear and shyness. There wasn’t so many opportunities to focus on this weakness and I never volunteered for this until now. Now I have started working on my fear about this weakness. Since I have joined Amal Fellowship, my confidence is boosted up by voluntarily taking part in the discussion and answering reflection questions.

The Challenges which were in front of me include to step out of my comfort zone, prepare myself for any kind of feedback including negative feedback or comments. But I came above this and was successful. I learned that to overcome any fears, you just have start working on it without thinking of consequences. From my experience I have learned that fear is only state of mind and just requires a small effort to overcome this fear. I will be looking forward to polish this skill during Amal Fellowship and in my daily life also.