Practicing Happiness to boost the Success

Key of Success
“Happiness is not a station to arrive at, but a manner of travelling” Margret Lee Runbeck

Happiness is the state of mind which can’t be be strictly related to success. It is only gained when you want to get it without any reason. It can be gained by staying positive and being thank full to what you have rather than what you want to have. Staying positive is very important for happiness. Negative thinking and thought makes the opposite.

I had an experience of depression. Back in the year of 2015 and month December. A tragic incident happened to me which lead to negative thoughts and ultimately to severe depression. I was diagnosed with anxious depression. There was always negativity in my mind which affected my life very badly. My social life was disturbed. My family was worried. I was unhappy and scared all the time. I forgot the meaning of life and happiness.

My parents friends supported me a lot to fight the depression and negative thinking and I slowly recovered this state by improving my thoughts towards positive. I started replacing the negative thoughts with positive as whenever negative thoughts appeared in my mind I start to think positive that this is not like as I’m thinking this is for good. I was also instructed by the psychologist to exercise the meditation practices. These things helped in my slowly but significant to life. My friends supported me, they made me feel great and joyful all the time and I started enjoying my life again. This state lasted for almost one year and it affected my life but i’m recovering from it gradually.

In the previous week I have followed the steps of happiness by Shawn Achor which were;
1- Gratitude
I followed this step of being thankful for the 3 things of daily life which i’m thankful for and it has given me a huge support for my positive thoughts and remain happy even in the ups and downs.

2- Random Act of Kindness
I have done the small acts of kindness for which I have written my another blog already which i’m sharing with you below .
In this I’ve shared my experiences and this has made my life more beautiful and meaningful.
3- Fundraising for EDHI Foundation
From the last week I’m working with my fellows for the fundraising for the EDHI Foundation and it is really a beautiful and peaceful experience for my soul. It has given a comfort and a beautiful reason of happiness and life.

These steps has helped me very much for my happiness and my success.

I suggest all of you to follow up the steps of Happiness by Shawn Achor. These are really helpful for happiness and for success.