6 tips for Making the first steps towards your career

  1. Do an internship .
  2. Don’t do PhD if you want enterpreneur or corporate sector
  3. Spend at least one year in your first job
  4. Put your time in everyone starts out doing grunt work till trust is proven.
  5. Don’t talk about the company or about your boss.
  6. Take control of your relationship with your boss and team members.

These are tips are help in our professional career. I share these tips with my college fellow. His good name is Shafiq. He is my best friend. He done his degree of BBA honors recently and searching for job. I think that these tips is best for him because now he join to his professional career .

I meet with him at his house and share these tips with him. He ask question “ what is the benefit of these tips” I gave answer “ I help you on your professional career when you are in organization you require these tips . Its help to make good relationship with colleagues and boss. You can make good impact on it . These tips also help to choose your career. If you get some intership from any company, you can imagine that you able for this feild or not”.

When I gave some answer his questions. He said to me “ I am really very impressed with your opinion and i will work on your tips. He write down all tips on his notepad

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