In this blog, we shall be discussing the child_process module present in Node.js. But before we begin let’s first understand what exactly Node.js is.

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine which gives users the ability to execute their javascript code outside a browser. It can be used for writing command-line based programs, for server-side scripting in case of web applications and even for developing Discord bots!

The Child Process Module

Node.js applications execute their code as a single Operating System process running on a single CPU meaning that it would work in a single-threaded mode, which can be ideal…


In this blog, we shall be discussing the session hijacking attack and how it can affect the end-users of a web-based platform, but before we begin I would like to give the audience a bit of idea regarding three terms namely Cookie and Session and Session ID.

A cookie is a file which is stored in a text form by a website that you would have visited on your browser. It helps websites to identify your device as well as storing certain information which could be referenced later on by the website in any of its functionality. …


In this blog, we will be experiencing a beginner level introduction to Obfuscation in Javascript, its use cases and how exactly does it work. But before we begin let me introduce you to the two terms Javascript and Obfuscation for those who are not familiar with them.

What is Javascript?

It is an interpreted and lightweight programming language which you will find in most Dynamic websites these days. It’s one of the most recognised languages in the field of web development and has a variety of use cases in there which can vary from animating some element to handling the user input on…

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