Inspired from Edhi sb’s

At the start Edhi Sb has no team but he has Khudi in him that mostly came from his mother. He believes on this that just try and rest will be done by Allah. He wanted to help the society to make revolution. He started working on it since his childhood age. He is also very use to with laboring. So he started Amal.

I am mostly impressed by Edhi Sb’s Amal virtue. He always used to say just try mean to say do amal and I also have same situation in my life. In intermediate 1st year class I secured 476 marks that are above enough but in 2nd year examination I have not studied whole year but in last 2.5 months I decided if I have to succeed in my life and wants to get admission in a good ranked engineering university then I have to work hard. But only 2.5 months are left and I have to prepare my all books. So, I planned well first divide pages of books according to remaining days and just believe on try. In this way I prepare myself for exam and I am glad to tell you that I was secured 989 marks in fsc due this just try and rest will be done by Allah example.

Other people can learn from mine and Eidhi sb’s examples that you people has no need to worry at all. You just have to work wisely and consistently. Rest thing will be done by God. So, be brave and just work hard. Hard works will never get wasted.

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