Just Start Project

In just start project i want to develop excellent skills for freelancing in some specific area. As for freelancing you have to choose a skill that will best suits you and also that is a hobby for you. So as i am very fond of web designing and Microsoft office. I learned a little bit about web designing but as it is a vast field so I decided first to learn and get well command on Microsoft office i.e. word, excel etc.

I want to achieve this just to secure my career and also i am much fond of online working. Online working is just my hobby but to become an established online worker you have to master on any specified skill. So I choose these skills to learn and become master of these skills. I want these skills established because by this I can fulfill the desire of my hobby and also can earn a handsome amount.

I have faced lot of challenges to learn these skills. As there are no regular classes on these skills, So, I have to learn them through internet which is a best guide for learning anything. I also have to decide what to learn and what not as we know learning through internet is much tough thing that you can’t decide what to read and what not for learning.

The first three tasks that I want to mention are such as. Firstly, the decision between web designing and Microsoft office learning. Secondly, learning this decided skill from where. Thirdly, how to become master of it?

It was a good experience to achieve these tasks. There are some challenges that I faced while achieving these tasks. As learning through internet is much tricky work because you have no specific book not a specific teacher and you just have to learn from tutorials or scrap. Then by this learning you also have to become master of it. So, in short it was a great experience to learn and become a professional expert of Microsoft office.

The lesson that I learned from this experience is that you can learn and become master of anything by just your determination and hard work. The most important analysis and lesson that I learned through this is that Google can be your best friend and it can also become your best enemy as well. So, it depends on you how you use it.

Next steps of my project is that make a freelancing account and try to become successful over there in Microsoft office work and then also try to learn web designing also that I left due to its complexity and vastness .

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