The lifeblood of a democratic and free society

Loose collectives that are not registered or formalised

Only around for a set period of time

Have multiple leaders

Have one leader



Essential to the fight for our rights

Essential to support in the early stages (before they noticed by the press)



Undermined consistently by the iNGO complex and foundation world

Not perfect and that ideal of perfection is part of white supremacy culture


All of the above I have heard from philanthropists, funders, organisation leaders, and movement builders over the past few months in conversations around the need for supporting movements. It is probably pretty evident what movement leaders have said vs. the iNGO/Funding complex. Yet funders and philanthropists say they are listening and trying to do better and still movements are left hoping that funders will actually trust them enough to support them. …

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In the past two months accusations of system-wide racism has been revealed at some of the biggest and most high-profile organisations across the women’s and human rights space including Women Deliver, International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC), Crisis Text Line/Do Something, Medicines Sans Frontiers, Planned Parenthood of Greater New York, Sleeping Giants, and PERIOD — The Menstrual Movement.

Also for the past month and half I have counted myself lucky to be a part of the Racial Equity Index Group — a collective formed to explore the lack of and need for a racial equity in the women’s rights and social justice sectors. …

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Yesterday a resolution (which was adopted after amendments were made in the negotiation process) led by the African Group at the United Nations Human Rights Council that would mandate an international independent commission of inquiry into systemic racism and police brutality in the United States lost support due to lobbying (read: bullying) from western governments — mainly the United States, European governments, Australia and Mexico.

#BlackLivesMatter @ The UN Discussion with Salma El Hosseiny from the International Service for Human Rights and Salimah Hankins from the US Human Rights Network.


Uma Mishra-Newbery

Global Movement Builder | Non-Profit Leader | Coalition Builder | Army Veteran | Science Nerd

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