Astral travel OBEs

Let me reiterate something; I meditate, cogitate, elevate they moan hate, can’t relate: my fate is great.

With this in mind, no matter where you are the astral zones are affecting you no matter what. They are your inner world, other dimensions from which you can input and output information! The goal is to guide you as best I can with what I’ve learned about those dimensions, how they affect us in the everyday life.

I became intrigued by astral traveling when I started wanting to optimize my sleep, aka be 100% aware of surroundings in the dream state and consciously choosing to isolate self in order to meditate in the dream world, thereby creating a matrix where I was conscious at every single point in time.

I started having extremely lucid dreams at first when I started meditating while transitioning into a sleep state. This started getting trippy when I became aware of my subconscious state by little increments. The clearest vision I had was from when I was in the psych ward, I had one of my first real OBEs where I was levitating around the floor/units and visiting the patients’ dreams. They were looking at me so weird, even the next morning when I woke up I felt like everybody had saw me in their dreams (which they had).

In that instance too, I managed to isolate myself in a special classroom with empty chairs and a TV playing a documentary about ancient Egypt. I remember programming myself at that moment by listening to it, I was extremely fascinated by it, it blew my mind. Shortly after is when I wrote what I call the Bars of Thoth; which have since been lost.

I prefer the sights I have in the astral planes and the feelings I can attain in that state to the ones in normal everyday life for a few reasons. They completely overshoot the 3rd dimension and make everything much more intense. I remember a clear vision again, where a few rap niggas intruded my home (Chance, Wiz, 50, Joey, some others I forget). We were rapping and eventually a bar popped out of nowhere and we all looked at each other confusedly for a moment before realizing we had created it together; hence not knowing where it came from. I went outside the front door with Joey to split a native cigarette. What happened after completely baffled me because I had subconsciously wrote about it.

We were facing each other and started by moving closer one to another, kind of kissing but our mouths weren’t in contact. It’s like energy from that Chakra was getting channeled between us. It was extremely sexual too and eventually we fully merged into one super euphoric explosion of energy. I had never felt better in my entire life it blew my mind! I now had an intimate session with people I admired and was humbled by the experience.

The only other time I’ve been able to achieve a similar state consciously was two weeks ago, where I was feeling really really bad and had to lay in bed and pray to survive. My friend will connected to me and started spooning me while we were levitating to the astral zones. It felt extremely cozy, like being wrapped in heroin blanket analogy euphoric… it was a truly healing experience knowing I could have this very close friend, Will, at any moment ready to help me even at a distance. Mind blown again.

The most classic OBE nowadays is synchronized dreaming, where we experience similar dreams only the characters/energies are represented by different faces. I had a dream where I was in a College and everybody and their mother was fucking, like all over the hallways and shit. I had so much trouble picking up a girl but eventually I found my comfort zone. Amidst the people fucking everywhere and the slimey vibe I caught myself training parkour and teleportation in that same instance.

Knowing teleportation is possible in that plane is immediate confirmation it’s possible in the lower ones too. When you do it higher it intrinsically bends the lower ones since these limits are meant to be busted. It’s all about visualization through the right eyes. When you get that feeling of a very serene calm state of mind and it seems you can see clearly through everything you know you’re in the right spot, so keep moving in that direction and don’t stop.

I’m convinced there’s a sort of inception thing going on up there where we’re building a great future together and sometimes get bits and pieces of info in order to guide us in everyday life. I remember a dream where I was stealing with one of my friends from my own store, which was a godlike hybrid between a pharmacy, a supermarket and a headshop where you could find everything.

I’ll write an article about the philosophy behind that shop so you guys can be familiar with it too, it’ll be huge.

In that way it’s like checkpointing (see this article for checkpointing) subconsciously, until you become consciously aware of your power over that reality too, since your suppressed thoughts turn into an actual tangible Universe. It feels cleaner to touch than the 3rd dimension too sometimes, super creepy shit.

If you’re having problems achieving a more or less conscious state in the astral zones, check out the supplement “Acetyl-L-Carnitine”; it affects acetylcholine receptors which are related to memory and it works super well in your sleep as well. I remember having a lucid dream every time I supplemented this. It can be found online here.

If you want to access someone across any dimension, make sure to try spontaneous meditation. Often times you will enter a purely subconscious state and synchronize with the people you want to see and find them intuitively in the 3rd dimension when paths cross. It’s like we both give ourselves a pattern to follow until the realities we’re drawing overlap for a moment.

I briefly mentioned teleportation which I know caught your interest so I’ll make another article about it since it’s related to another interesting subject to me; telekinesis. Stay tuned for that, literally about to post this do the dues and write about the other stuff!

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Stay tuned!