Conscious shift

Many cultures worldwide, across time have made it out of the human whole that digs itself every once in a while. We’re currently in the midst of a very smooth transition from unaware robots being abused to building a greater reality together as a whole.

In astrology, it is studied that interstellar movements shape the way things unfold down here. It becomes a science of being able to predict patterns through always expanding your range of recognizable patterns. The Mayans were incredibly good at this, they managed to observe a 1 872 000 day cycle in the Universe in relation to Earth. This is the biggest cycle that ends and restarts on December 21st 2012 “end of the world, really massive energy shift from those synchronized cycles”. This time period also correlates with the classic “end times” predictions found in other ancient scriptures.

Here’s a bit of info on what they thought would happen at the dawn of 2013. Please follow. “On this journey, the more sophisticated DNA life forms on earth will be experiencing a constant acceleration. It is his process of acceleration and ultimately synchronization which is of interest to us here as a specifically harmonic wavelength of history.”

Now visualize these cycles merging into one another and expanding, the Universe is an infinite pattern of cycles at this point and these guys knew what was coming. It is now recognized worldwide that the human race is on its way to clearing its pests and truly becoming a god race; one with nature and truly selfish (self-sustaining and self-respect include the planet, animals, sun, other life forms in the notion of “self”).

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