Healthdropshop concept

Welcome to the article that changed it all! In this one, you’ll find everything relating to this philosophy, more or less, which transforms into a physical shop after a bit of development.

The main objective of the healthdropshop is to offer non-profit remedies worldwide for the widest range of illnesses possible. This can be done by finding natural alternative medicine or using analogs of already proven patented molecules in order to greatly lower cost.

Here’s a chart showing the price of Viagra, for example, for a bottle with a price per pill metric.

A full dosage pill costs 7$. 7$ to get hard, could you imagine how taxing that must feel? I can’t. I hope you can’t too but the reality of things is some of you do. You know how much a kg of this substance costs?

230$ — keep in mind every kg is 1000g x 10 doses, therefore 10 000 pills for 230$. You are getting finessed by Pfizer alllllll day. The other alternatives are also patented which is bullshit cause it’s medicine; fuck that.

What healthdropshop will do is use analogs of already proven molecules and either patent them if necessary or leave them as is and keep using them forever if pharma companies are nice enough. The goal is for the patient to pay production costs/shipping costs. The store makes 0% since it only has to run on the internet which doesn’t cost much!

The banner will also be used to sell recreational drugs like marijuana and it’s extracts in places where legally feasible. I’m not sure it’s legal to have non-profit marijuana sold when it’s regulated, if not we’ll revolutionize this part of the business by growing our own strains for the people.

Also, the shop will work in providing people with alternatives to normal clothing, see hemp made clothes and other neat products like a next gen smart vape with super measured calculations with nutritious e-juice and other interesting ideas like those.

We’ll work in producing our own inventions to benefit the people with money that will be made. The ultimate goal is really to have ideas developed for us by us entirely paid by its supporters so we can have full control over it rather than the system grasping its whole.

The banner will also be used for the bulk food supply service, which is literally a plan to feed everyone on the planet (already really close to being achieved, just need a few more steps). With this concept, we’d be pooling money together and buying veryyyyy large bulk quantities of foods and distributing them across our stores or shipping them over the internet. You will be overcharged about 10% for the service in order to have more food to create care packages and drop crates to help those in need.

I own the domain and will soon open it when the time will be right (see, few weeks max). So stay in touch for that!

Please share this is really helps the seed to grow, it’s super exponential on this website I love it. Thanks for your support I’ll see you around!


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