How I switched from silverspoon to a plastic one

I was always taken by the hand as a child, this tendency continued until my later teens by having parents that didn’t necessarily recognize the true extent of how this affected me when I was younger.

I was expected to be fully autonomous while having received minimal training in most areas. I’m not putting blame anywhere, simply stating facts before I dive deep into the article. I ended up forcing myself to leave all family settings after realizing slowly but surely that these settings were holding me back as a human being.

Generational conflict

I feel like there were clashes in consciousness between my parents and I. Certain things like their view on drugs (which they had all done extensively), their views on parenting and working were heavily skewed by the image propagated by society/media.

It is much harder as a parent to see the things your son’s vision unfolding when you’re stuck looking at the whole loop and drawing absolutes off certain parts you don’t like. For example, I used to play a lot of video games and browse the internet and they couldn’t accept me doing that 12h a day; although they were working 12h days using their phones the whole time.

My parents were very young, so it’s probably a combination of many factors that made it so that was my life growing up. It ended up being really good, but lasted a bit too long. I had to get out of my shell.

I had to leave.


Did I feel great at first? Yeah, it was the single most powerful decisions I took in my life. I went from being fed a reality and getting peer pressured towards unwanted jobs, studies, practices that would only serve me so much in the future.

I used to be very depressed, partly because I didn’t know where to put my focus other than video games or why I was putting so much focus in them. I realize I was grinding the whole time, I was preparing for this moment ignoring the bullshit as much as possible my whole early life. You could call it escapism, but escaping from what? A life that was created by me and rejected by me.

Drastically changing your pattern guarantees you learn a lot very fast. Firstly, you’re completely out of your comfort zone in the beginning. Before food used to be cooked for me damn near every day, I suddenly was in a reality where if I didn’t work for it, I would be hungry at the end of every day. I became dependent on myself by living in the streets. I learned how to approach people for most encounterable situations. à

I had to learn to be strong before I took those choices though, which grows exponentially after the initial phase when you start to live like this. You’re an unbeatable machine that has a reality bending aura. Anywhere you go, reality blesses you and you bless it back. It’s an infinity loop and can be used very effectively. I call it Karma.

Learning to put others WAY before you even without them asking is the most rewarding experience I’ve had as of yet as a roamer of the streets. If you can make someone’s day everyday you’re probably a very valuable human being for your peers! So I focused on being awesome and getting better at living when I decided to start living as myself.

The Comeback

Showing the people over and over how your life and work can be proven time and time again without failing eventually lets you garner support from the people you initially left in order to get better. People instantly recognize change when you come back to see them, the best ones are always there for you so you can relate to the passed times together.

Since I left, my parents (more my mom, my dad’s side is a complete other story) have changed their attitude towards me. It’s like they pushed me a lot while I was realizing how to truly accomplish my dreams. It synchronized super well which is why Blame is the most devalued construct in my life now. It is no one’s fault, rather we all slowly dragged our realities to be like that.

You might not feel bad giving me shit when you recognize I’m leaving soon anyways. Literally, that happens.

The main problem for this situation that gets fixed by leaving is clearing the illusion that you’re an impotent being because you were spoonfed your whole life. It’s actually not so simple, there’s definitely areas in my life where I was ahead of my time and others where I needed to learn; making the move only solidified that.

You are now a responsible adult, at least you can take care of yourself without having to heavily rely on a few humans to let you live. You become a unique part of humanities!

This is the advice I can give you if you’re a younger kid or a parent with a teenager; you hear this everyday most likely, but support your child in his endeavors and make sure you’re able to see through your kid in order to help them whenever they might encounter a question. Remember the child’s essence is pure and children are most likely smarter than grown adults the way we lose our Mojo as we live longer and longer in the system.

Children’s voices are some of the most profoundly impacting energies, at least should be.

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