How to write a 500 word essay

Bored out of my mind so rather create, I call It the Grind. Hindsight always in the limelight despite past heights and tighter congress then and there. Hear the bars, they rhyme a loud, me to shine.

FFF (Fast Food Finessing or Fucking For Freedom)

Fast food finessing, or the art of overcharging to multiply is extremely popular in our societies. See coffee being sold at 1,50$ for small doses, while a KG of 100% Arabica coffee costs 1–2$. Interesting because karma is a valid metric in this reality, which really has me wondering where the money is going other than opening new restaurants for the chain.

I guess the money mostly goes to employees, franchise owners, producers with only a bit going towards the chain itself; still confused and dazed by this delightful steak “Tim Matin” on Pretzel I just ate. WHAT THE FUCK is a Tim Matin called in English?.. Quebecker here… Also let’s assassinate Ronald, fuck Ronald.

Fucking is my dream. Maybe one day I’ll fuck and be free from this cage I’ve locked myself in (sike, you will never catch me evil vagine). About polygamy, let’s have a space orgy on the way to Mars, that’s gonna be some of the dopest experiences ever.

Oh, and I’m the dude synthesizing the LSD on the way to Mars; called dibs. They say the sky’s the limit but I can’t fill it when heaven’s above us. Enough now I’ve had enough of the Earth… UNLESS I get to settle on a Hemp farm in the future. Still debating whether to do that or go to Mars and grow it there. Very intriguing. Yes, I know, pretty conscious. Hehe

Elon Musk

Elon Musk, highly telepathic rich kid (read between the lines, please) once taught me that condensed dihydrogen oxide, also commonly referred to in the scientific community as Water can be converted to wood. This surprised me until I understood it clearly, I originally thought he meant through chemical reaction. It’s similar, but not quite on the spot.

You can build farms in all dimensions, which means they can go up down left right centre through beyond and within. You can also grow anything in space with proper micro-climactic control. So with infinite space, the amount of wood (or whatever else) you can have is limited to how much Water you can produce or extract from nature.

This is especially interesting when you consider plants like Hemp, which humanity can literally build itself from at this point in our existence. Let’s go Musk!!

Nigga sold 325k cars in a few weeks too, not bad. Really REALLY wonder what the fuck he’s gonna do with his trills. Either kill cash then fly to Mars with the last bits or fly to Mars with the last bits hoping cash will kill itself. With a little help from Will Cossette and immortality, we should be able to fly in the spaceship all the way to Mars without trouble and terraform the SHIT out of that bitch. Lookin at you bitch, yeah you. I know it rhymes shut the fuck up please let me write in peace.

Oh if you don’t believe in immortality, or that everyone on that ship will be immortal, you prolly gonna see the ship blow up before its even off the planet; just saying better get your thoughts checked now before you perish (m8).

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Not even tired. Thanks and cheers for the peace lates.