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I’m currently working on something so similar it kills me. Here’s my cool website:

It has many aspects to it, like the part where I offer sourcing for various drugs internationally, articles I post that you can find on my medium page, vlogs about everyday life/progression in ideas, bulk pooling service, community-driven entrepreneurship (2 members, started yesterday) and finally (as of yet) the part where we solve the issue of world hunger through making a deal with costco.

I’ve developed the next big drink too, I’d appreciate if you directed more attention towards that part (it’s truly genius I’ll DM you some info if you’re interested in anything).

Oh and I write insane shit, especially when it’s rap/poetry. Glad to have met you sir.

I’d appreciate if you checked it out, I’ll do the same for your stuff. I’m aware, don’t worry. It’s probably worth your energy to some extent.

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