This is a written account of my lifestyle these last few weeks. What I’ve went through is incredible and the knowledge I’ve learned in the meanwhile can be applied in so many ways I have to share it.

Eliminating the need for money in my life is one of my primary concerns, right after benefiting humanity with my greatest input 24/7 (my true mission, to be myself and help you). A bit about me: I love learning and I’m extremely well versed in many aspects related to writing, psychoaction in general (drugs, thoughts, patterns).

First off, karma is used to describe energy and its balance in the Universe. No matter what form it may come in. It stays balanced and follows a certain logic. I will also mention confidence and being at one with self because those are very important throughout this voyage.

Telepathy is also key, trust me. I’m sitting next to 7 cops right now and they know all about what’s happening right now. So are the employees at the stores I steal at to feed myself. This gets even more interesting, don’t worry :)

OK, so to be able to live like I do (on the road with a wi-fi setup to work on website, writing, music, etc.) without money is fairly simple. I put my cards on your table, humanity (first step, being 100% honest about what you do mentally, not hiding information from others which you treat as yourself). Here’s what I really need to be myself: internet, laptop, shelter, food, water, weed.

That’s pretty much it.

As long as I can access those things I’ll be able to perform optimally no matter where I am, how great I’m feeling, etc. Therefore, by insuring myself that I don’t feel bad when taking what I need (generally clothes from wal-mart or food from a supermarket) by GIVING what I can GET that most people CAN’T (read: drugs, I’m plugged or anything I find really).

So yeah, I trade my soul which is me doing my best/favorite things in life and pushing it to the limit (breaking them) then bringing everything to you on a silver platter. That’s a fair tradeoff for anyone really, since I’m not only working in giving you free drugs, rather actively propagating philosophy of sharing and taking care of the gaping holes in humanity’s body like:

  • lack of food supply, check out http://mind.supplies humanity progress page
  • overpriced medication (yes, drugs too I know) — I’m working in bringing you non-profit medicine for all illnesses at a 0% profit rate under the healthdropshop.com banner which will eventually be a free franchise to own (1 year TOPS is the mark I’m aiming for)
  • corporations finessing the fuck out of us without giving back; most of them I assume give back a lot BUT there’s still shit like the Rockefeller's not being stoned to death in our reality FUUUUCK THAT

Think I’m crazy? I am, I was diagnosed/undiagnosed as schizophrenic a few months ago. I had to work so hard to get to where I’m at right now, no doubt you had to do the same. Next article will be about that, I’m just flexing at this point.

Anyways, the real key to this was making sure I keep my level high enough the whole time I was crafting this reality/pattern for myself and you guys. Me feeling like a greedy fuck, for example if I were to steal a car, would definitely make me lose the grip of this perfect balance and drag cops all the way to me in no time, literally.

I had a blast getting to this point and I’m visibly still euphoric 24/7 sober af most the time too. I’d really appreciate you guys sharing this on any platform you wish worthy and check out my website, it touches everything I mentioned here and more!

Thank you.