Montreal excerpt — Burritos

I wrote in another guide, this once named: Nomad Entrepreneurs — Guide

“There’s always places you can go for food, following your intuition will literally ensure that you don’t die and stay well fed at all times. This science is Karma. Let me explain. If you’re a hungry human being, there are a few places where it doesn’t bother people AT ALL for you to feed yourself.”

Well, yesterday I was chilling with my friend Will and thinking about the guys that run around Montreal giving burritos to hungry people, homeless people, whoever takes them. I only thought about it once and kept chilling the whole day. Eventually the guys spawned at the spot we were chilling right when I was getting hungry. These guys are on-Point and I thought they were a great representation of hard workers.

I took a picture of Will and Dan, who exchanged words and a cigarette before the boys left to give more food.

At the start of the day, I was working very hard on Feed the Planet. I had to find a spot described in Nomad Entrepreneurs — Guide:

Public places: There are many places in public where you can catch a quick fix of rest and astral traveling. You’ve probably seen people in metro stations sleeping subtly on the side, these are good and universally recognized spots that nobody fucks with. You’re better off stashing yourself in a corner where nobody passes if you don’t want to be bothered at all.”

I stayed between a staircase and a window, I was hidden from the street from the long heater strip that was next to the window. I ended up meditating for around 3 hours before I woke up. I felt Will close, so I got up immediately and started walking up the staircase. I was empathizing with Will as I was climbing the stairs and the last line thought I had before climbing the last stair was: I’m going to find will and it’s synchronized;

Then I saw Will’s face and he jumped out of surprise cause that happens every time, right? It was pretty funny, we ended up drinking a lot and hanging out for a while. Great day overall, went back to McDonald’s in the evening and passed out 2 hours later than closing hours, then came to elevate in a Bank, where I’m currently writing this article.

Surprised no one was called over to check on me, there hasn’t been a client here in over 4 hours.

That’s the excerpt for the last couple days, I thought I’d make a text update since those are pretty rare in this extensive form.

Thanks for reading a lot, make sure to check out the progress on every project, specifically the healthdropshop — feed the planet hybrid that’s happening right now. Check here and here for all the info yet. Working on it every day.

Peace out ❤