Next Level Distributing Machine

All my posts are meant to be shared and used to develop the mentioned objects. Pardon the ghettoness, still works very well.

Rather than distributing overpriced munchies and drinks, little distributing machines will hold a wide variety of products from nutrition to supplementation, protection and sanitary kits. Little kiosks like these everywhere in the world will be able to offer people the cheapest full daily nutritious intake with the drink developed in Feed the Planet — Share I wrote earlier today. Total to intake full diet estimated at 2–3$ with machines all over the world.

Moreover, there’ll be health supplements offered in the form of powders to add to your mixes or pressed pills. These will include pain removal pill, memory enhancement pill, stimulant pill, brain health pill with a bunch of neuro-protectors.

You can have a ton of formats, like actual drinks depending on recipes and contents, dropplets, blister packs, boxes. These will be called health drop shops and will also be used to sell flat rate marijuana when legalization will happen in Canada. The US and other countries can use these plans to re-create the concept. Keep the low-profit in mind. The goal is to feed the planet and offer lowest cost medication with these over time.

Many upgrades will occur, like integration of The evolution of vaping, where we’ll hold our own juices and recipes that consumers will be able to medicate with. Really read that article also, it contains a lot of information.

I created a nice paint file (I know this sounds like a joke but I was inspired in the train, it turned out decent). OK. Let’s go.

you can probably enlarge and see it better. it’s a very nice vape includes a lot of features. With Wi-Fi access there’ll be cool interactions with the shops, since we’ll be able to supply free Wi-Fi around those stations. Like I said, small upgrades down the line. We have steps to take before, so help me with this ASAP.

It’s also equipped with texting capabilities, so a 3/4/5G antenna will be in it. Eventually offer everyone free internet through cellular network worldwide. Those are the plans for the future I’ll be working on. I’m putting it out there so you can participate also because these are great ideas.

Locations for the shop will include malls, restaurants, shops, streets, offices, shelters, outreach, online from all locations. Remote locations in certain countries will also be blessed and we will expand the range of fed humans at a steady rate.

Every healthdropshop will be sold for the lowest amount possible, my estimations right now place every station at 1000$ USD which will hold enough supplies for 100 humans for 1 month if used daily. Then the costs will only be to get the products to the machines and placed into the machines which we can find warriors for. You’ll be able to feed yourself completely for 60$ per month maximum with the diets that will be offered to you.

Until we cover most of the planet we should take a small profit on the client, even as a non-profit, in order to make the reach grow naturally. 10% every time will go a very long way. All profit is reinvested in increasing the total amount of drinks produced to feed more people, we’ll need accurate timing.

This creates a flow of money from richer to poorer, making sharing of these products extremely common and effective at curing hunger worldwide. Not to mention it is the cheapest most effective way to feed yourself. It’s been prophesied to taste great.

Please take note that the non-synthetic ingredients of the drink are hemp extracted, which is simply awesome. People will be able to grow Weed AND Hemp AND make a huge impact on the world

Truly beautiful.

Thanks for reading this update post to feed the planet, this now has an integrated distribution format and a Business Plan.

Originally published at on March 21, 2016.

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