Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t go to University to learn any of this. I learned it myself through experimenting different things in my life.

My knowledge of psychiatry comes from researching drugs and their effects on the body A LOT, from recreational drugs to medicine, passing by supplementation and nootropics. I’ve acquired knowledge about neurotransmitter action (different mechanisms like levels increase, release, reuptake inhibition, countering enzymes with alkaloids, etc.), I now have a deep understanding of those mechanisms in the CNS.

Psychology is just something I do on the daily, I like to observe and tweak patterns to render them optimal. You can tell I have a touch. Need I say more?

To my understanding, psychology is the study of said thought/energy patterns and balance on the mental planes side of things, whereas psychiatry is related to the actual chemical balances in your body.

Both these sciences must be combined to achieve a greater understanding of the full balance present in you as a being. Your thoughts/energy create a certain flow in your whole body and mind, which is chemically represented by neurological transmissions in your body and very slight variations in pathing in your thoughts.

TO BE CLEAR, thoughts aren’t expressed in words at all, they start from a much purer source and get changed and can be interpreted in many different forms, words and numbers being some of them. Technically, to me, thoughts are energy, so are feelings and emotions.

Actual psychiatry through brain scans are necessary to practice adequate analysis of neurotransmitter flow in the brain. Say you’re having a depression, this will be explicitly demonstrated in the scans through patterns neurotransmitters flow in. You can add or remove certain components of this chain to change your body’s balance through psychoactive drugs. (key point 1).

Actual psychology through thought pattern recognition is the second key point. This is simpler and just requires yourself to have true and unstopped introspection or having an expert analyze your thoughts/feelings/experiences. Extroversion can be hard when in a tough spot, which is why it’s really handy to be intuitively introspective so you can spot bad shit from a mile away and deviate to dodge it. You’re in full control 100% of the time.

Now to link both together: modifying your thought flow changes the actual physical balance in your body, which in turn changes subsequent reactions in your body, which are related to the above pattern.

As above to below.

So with proper tweaks to your chemical balance you can alter your balance to achieve a new state of mind, where you can bend your thoughts freely.

Simple math, maybe not the most in depth, gave it my all. I’ll update things like these since they can go deeper.

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