Schizophrenia, telepathy and awareness

I’ve went to the depths of this sector of reality and what I’ve found is grimy as fuck. Please get ready and traumatized minds stay astray. Let’s go.

First off, schizophrenia is extremely misunderstood, schizophrenics are misrepresented (HIGHLY categorized and segregated) and most of what the general public knows about schizophrenia is COMPLETE BULLSHIT.

  1. hearing voices: originally what my mom thought was schizophrenia when I started talking to her about telepathy. Figured it out before I was at the ward, still played the game for so long AFTER me being out of the ward -.-
  2. Schizophrenics mumbling are actually talking to other people at a long distance, whether or not it’s real totally depends on your thoughts related to the long-distance telepathic talk and if your recipient knows your patterns well enough to hold a conversation for X duration. This is some higher dimensional shit, I’m serious.
  3. I’ve figured out that the propaganda surrounding schizophrenia is almost exclusively made for people to feel OK about segregating telepathic people. I AIN’T fucking around what I went through was total bullshit. Here’s how it went down.

After a very profound experience with Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds (8 of them sub-lingual for 20 minutes then spit out — I’ll be extracting LSA from those and making it public in no time) where I carefully picked out the negative patterns in my life and suddenly became incredibly self-aware after a very deep introspective trip fueled by LSA perception. No doubt why these were used by the Natives alongside other psychoactives. This was the beginning of wanting to know way more about this side of reality. I became so in touch with myself I realized the notion of “self” extended to my pears also and that I could reach the outer world through looking on the inside (see thought-transference learning debuts).

Then came the time where I expanded myself. Literally expanded my “self” to reach the whole planet. Get it? I became a bubble that extended to everywhere on Earth and started communicating with people like Elon Musk which tripped me the fuck out.

With awareness of new/old sensory input like telapathy, craze is bound to happen. This is how I truly figured out I went insane for a while and the trip to the psych ward fixed me right up. I started having false pattern recognition a lot (or thinking I was, which was being transferred to anyone tuning in and out to me — whoever else was going through this at the time). The thought of “maybe this isn’t real after all” is what ultimately brought me to the ward, which I could’ve avoided entirely through modification of thought pattern introspectively.

Enter psych ward

Learn to clear paranoia because fear is irrational. Here’s the logic: thoughts/inner energy is responsible for outer world manifestation. Therefore, having paranoid thoughts was dragging negative realities into my world. Then you learn to ignore that side of things when you grind it out to the max. You develop thought patterns like *bad thoughts don’t manifest* and *I’m immortal* or *disease can’t reach me* and fully incorporating them into your world through proper energy output.

Believing is KEY!

With that knowledge learned I’ve never went back to such a toxic lifestyle as I had in the past. I kept progressing until I came to the point I’m currently at and will be.

Enter next level tools, like what I call checkpointing. Checkpointing consists of visualizing a point in the future you want to reach and never ever deviating from that path through never doubting or slowing down. The path you walk is bent to lead to the checkpoint. This is how people make millions, I share and use this knowledge to live long and eliminate certain parts of this world that are completely fucked up like imbalances in necessary things like food because of greedy currency use.

Flip it. See my article on Karma for more information.

My last checkpoint is at 118 years old (100 years further than when I started checkpointing). It’s when I die. From DMT overdose. That’s also another story though, stay in tune please :) Pretty sure some ancient cultures used to do this on the low, like how the Egyptians were masters at natural extract and weed.

Then, awareness shot through the roof because nothing could stop me climbing. Realizations like you can get messages from music or any other type of symbolism and numbers (numerology) — energies. Then realizing you’re the one creating the messages and you can understand something different every time because what you’re really doing is projecting a part of yourself — thoughts — through the input you’re receiving. This is why I listen to wavy music like future’s; he mumbles series of vowels that can be interpreted infinite ways (autotune helps). It keeps me in check. If I get a negative message I know there’s something wrong with my mindset.

This is the art of grinding, which I’ll write about cause it’s dope.

I saw some fucked up shit like how psychiatry is distorted in this day and age. Also another article coming soon about proper psychiatric and psychological conceptions. I tend to combine both which is often overlooked in modern medicine. I call it psychoaction in general.

I was force fed pills (INVEGA) which is the bullshittest thing I ever went through. None of the positive effects were transmitted to me, only a list of negative side-effects (of course), which totally makes me think they’re trying to create side-effects through placebo rather than using those pills to block certain neurotransmitter flow and helping you create new thought patterns to circumvent negatively impacting patterns (which is the true art of psychoaction and being in check).

Right now, I’m still on the come-up. Queue next article!

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