The art of un/conscious being

Split it up for now, it’ll help you process information contained in this post. Splitting = isolating conscious from subconscious in order to better analyze them.

The unconscious mind truly strives in times where the conscious is suppressed. It allows subconscious to spread in the astral planes without interference from the conscious part of the mind. You have full control over your mind at this point, so you can customize the way it operates (hence different ways to live). When you have conscious balance and unconscious balance your mind itself can process a wider range of frequencies, information, energies; it becomes a bending machine.

While awake, the unconscious mind is operating from the shadows, you can understand how it works and what it’s doing for you consciously through analyzing your thought patterns. It’s like having another processor running synchronously and you can tune into it when you channel correctly. To maximize conscious efficiency at the waking points, make sure you have many energy sources to intake (music, netflix, talking, running, etc) and to actually physically do what you’re meant to do. Let unconscious thoughts peak through your conscious in a controlled delivery kind of way, checkups are key.

While meditating, the conscious mind can be isolated and reduced to barely receive any input from that side of things. A truly good meditation or sleep session will have you projecting in the astral planes in no time. With a relaxed conscious mind, you’ll be able to let unconscious fully flourish in higher dimensions. As the conscious part of self starts popping back up, make sure you keep the information you gathered while in unconscious mode to make sure you have at least a small grasp on what’s coming in the future, since dreams shape the FUCK out of it. Yeah the experience.

I hope this makes sense, I’m just giving you a base you can relate to so we can meditate together later today.

Please stay telepathic :D

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