How my first internship in Tier-2 city changed my career goals

Umang Yadav
Jun 18, 2016 · 4 min read

I first heard of EezyNaukari from my friends. They were discussing about how a group of IITians were doing a startup in Kanpur. It was quite surprising. The newspapers have been saying that most of the startups are in big cities of India, like Bangalore or Delhi. So when I heard them talking about it, I wanted to know more and if possible, meet these crazy bunch of people. After a call, my friends did introduce me to Hemant Verma, CoFounder, EezyNaukari and when I heard it from him, it all made sense why they were doing it from Kanpur, the education hub of Uttar Pradesh, India.

After completing my B.Sc. from B.N.D. College, Kanpur University in 2015, my parents expected me to do a job in Delhi. But it isn’t easy when you have completed your education from a degree college in Kanpur. So like most of us, I decided to prepare for SSC and Bank PO exams in Kanpur. In March 2016, I met with Hemant and discussed about their idea in detail. It amazed me; they had a solution to the problem which I was facing and they wanted to give the solution to everyone.

EezyNaukari reaches out to job interested candidates in rural and semi-urban areas, verifies personal details of candidates and does a skill assessment test on certain parameters. The candidate is offered jobs based on their skills and preferences in profile. Since companies get verified and skill-assessed candidates, it improves their hiring process and that’s why they pay for it.

A day later I met Rahul Patel, Founder & CEO, and seeing the excitement in me, he asked me if I wanted to work with them in making this possible. As I mentioned, I was doing my preparation for SSC exam and I still had a month and a half to complete it, so I couldn’t join them full time. Hemant then suggested to join them as an Intern with a Job Offer at the end of internship. Since I was already in on the idea and could see it become the next big thing, I said yes.

And I’m glad I said yes, because these 3 months have been like a whirlwind ride for me.

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EezyNaukari Team taking queries in the Ambedkar Jayati Celebration event at Phoolbagh, Kanpur

I did roles in Operations, Supply and Marketing. And that too in the first 45 days only. I spoke to people from drought hit Bundelkhand region of Uttar Pradesh with Hemant. I pulled up all-nighters trying to find out people that needed work as soon as possible since they don’t have any livelihood and I called them up first thing the next morning and tell them about current opportunities for work. I sat in a small stall in blazing heat in information stalls in villages and fairs for our marketing activity with Mohit Sachan, Co-Founder. I went to villages to speak to the junta about new job opportunities and benefits of EezyNaukari. You might think this is too much effort put in by me for a small startup. But when I started hearing the ‘Thank You’s’ from people whose lives we had impacted at EezyNaukari, it all made sense. Sometimes, we have to make sacrifices for the greater good.

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And not everything was about sacrifices. There is no dress code, but to appear professional to the job seekers, the founding team came dressed in shirts and pants (blue jeans with a shirt are the most preferred dress code). The EezyNaukari team has this GolGappa/ Pani Poori or Soda Cola party every evening and a pizza party once in awhile. After all, fun is a necessary element in building a company.

The team was pleased with my work and offered me a position in their company . I discussed with my parents and said yes. I joined full time in May 2016. And to be honest, I love it here.

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Team at EezyNaukari’s Kanpur Office

Another awesome thing is, you get to know a lot of stuff from the team. Rahul introduced me to Medium, Quora and a lot of books (reading is his favourite way to spend spare time) and playing Mini Militia is favorite pass time for our team (thanks to our gaming guru, Hemant). If you want to know more about EezyNaukari, follow us on LinkedIn or write to us at

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