Go: When you think you are going to win you will lose and If you are going to lose you will win…

Today I played two games the first game played with 6kyu player which is much better than me. So I play carefully and I didn’t care whether I will win or lose. I feel that 6 kyu is too confident to kill me and want to end the game fast. He make some aggressive moves that force the game to end fast. Until he realised that it not work with me haha. The second game I play with 7 kyu and I take huge advantage and I think I’m going to win easily. But then I make mistakes and lose in the end…

I think its about feeling that that interrupt people mind. That’s why sometime(most of time) we cannot use full potential of our mind to think for the best case. In this case its all about confident and respect that interrupt my mind and perhaps their mind too.

First game of the day with 6 kyu and he trying to kill me but end up with his dead


The second game vs 7 kyu

I’m black. This game black leading white so much in the beginning.

At move 111 I think I’m going to won the game but White never give up and fight back and its end up with White by 12.5 point.

There are a lot of my mistake in the middle and end game.