SuperComputer & Blackhole

The idea is time different between two places. If the first place has slower time than the second place and we live in the first place then we put the computer in the second place. We might got a faster result. For example, near the black hole and the earth. One second near the black hole may equal to 100 years on earth. May be we can do a computation for 100 years in just1 second. Someone might say this idea is so crazy and impossible.

However, I think it is possible for human to create the environment like that. Because the time will move slowly in the high gravity field which need to have high mass and low volume. If we want to create the environment for a faster time we may need to create some thing with low mass and high volume. May be something like anti matter that has negative mass [LINK].

I think the time on the other planet will be different from the earth due to gravity. For example, the time at the core of the earth move slower than on the surface due to the gravity. [LINK] So the time on mars or any planet far away should have different time. There also an insane project called the Star shot that will create a very small spaceship or very small thing and shot them with high energy. This will make it travel extremely fast which is around 25% of the light speed.

May be we don’t need to create time different environment but just find some planet that have low gravity or may be the planet the form up with the negative mass. Then place the immortal computer there to do a long time computation may be 1 trillion years. But what will we want to compute that long? I think may be a simulation of our universe or may be just like a Matrix and let see what happen in next million years.

Another idea is to do Quantum entanglement which we can instant know its state from far away. In this case we may can control or receive information form our special computer in the black hole or white hole using Quantum entanglement.

ps. make computer faster 1 million times is easier than travel to the star that time is two time faster than the earth.

I’m not a scientist if I’m wrong please let me know.