Create ability to serve for humanity

From the Edhi Shb Biography, I code 1 example. In Holy Ramadan her mother made packets of food and other things. she says to Edhi dropped a packet in home of poor and needy peoples and relatives. I learned a lesson from this example. we should help to needy people at right time, so that they fulfill their needs.

My project was create ability in my personality to serve for nation and humanity. To serve a life for humanity is way which became a man close to Almighty Allah. The @Holy prophet (PBUH) says when a needy person come on your door, you should help them. That why i want to achieve such goal. Initially there was some challenge e.g leak of knowledge.

By doing such type activity i increased my believe on Allah and work with passion. I also feel excited and and satisfied by doing such activity. I learned to much that how we can help to people if they are really needy. In future i will made organization which will be work on it and i will be achieve my dream and goal.