In android app development, ownership of the app is verified by signing it with a keystore which the developer owns. The keystore and its credentials, they act like an identity of the developer for the app in Playstore, Android OS and any other 3rd party API used in app, so it should be kept safe and secure.

Using the gitignore file like this allows to remove any keystore in git version control system, but what about keystore credentials? Sometimes we need to use the credentials in build.gradlefile, when multiple developers are working on a same project or during CI/CD build…

FBR is sending you text messages to file your taxes, they even have extended the deadline for 30 days. But when you open the IRIS portal a screen full of different lists opens up with retro user interface. Now you are thinking of skipping the tax filing this year. But wait you can actually go through this process easily.

Disclaimer: This article is based on my experience. Use this information as a guide at your own risk.

A view of FBR portal

As the government of Pakistan is taking measures to bring more people in tax net, becoming a tax filer and having your name…

Umar Hussain

Software Engineer. Currently pursuing Ms in Distributed Systems Engineering @ TU Dresden

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