My Teacher who changed the way i see the world

I saw her for the very first time in the building lobby and by looking at her humble attitude and they way she was responding to other students, i felt like she must be a great teacher. I wonder what she teaches and would i ever be able to get into her class. In the fourth semester i took a subject of research methodologies and she was my teacher. I was very excited to go to her class and to my expectations i found her exactly the way i imagined she would be. She was very humble, responsive, unbiased, supportive and above all she was (and is) a great teacher. By the time i had good conversations with her about many different topics and the more i knew about her the more i respected her in my mind. I was a person filled with high anger, negative attitude, and pessimism. But whenever i used to met her she changed my opinion about that topic without even making me realize. She taught me to be humble, offer prayers, find positivity even out of negative things. She completely changed the way i see the world. Whenever i needed some help about anything whether professional or academic she was there to support me. She always gives the best solution to the problem. Even after i left the university, she still is there for me and whenever i need her support she gives her genuine support. She sees the world in entirely different way, humility and humanity are the major aspects of her life. I wish i could be like her. I admire her a lot and most important there are very few ladies in this world who are strong yet humble. May she live long and Allah SWT grant her all the happiness she ever had wished for.

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